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A fascinating North India Tours – Punjab

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There are several states that go to make up North India Tours. These are markedly different from those of the rest of the country with respect to their terrain, climate and also tradition and lifestyle. Although each state in north India is different, there are several commonalities that link them to one another. Among the states of north India, the state of Punjab has a lot of importance. There are plenty of contributions that come from this state, be it to the economy, or even to the tourist.

Punjab literally means five waters – or the five rivers that run through this land. With the wonderful climate, abundant water supply and fertile soil, there is little wonder that the main occupation in Punjab is agriculture. Although there is plenty that is grown is Punjab, the main crop is wheat, and Punjab is the sole supplier of this crop to all of India, with a significant amount set aside for exports as well. Apart from the crops, dairy is another significant staple in their lives.

The main religion in Punjab is Sikhism, although there are some Hindus as well. With a large Sikh population, there is plenty of colors all around Punjab. Vibrantly colored turbans adorn the heads of cheerful men who are friendly and warm. The women are equally colorful, with brightly colored clothes, ribbons, bangles and scarves proudly on display. The land is a bright green, and skies in various shades of blue. This is the liveliest experience your senses can have.

The Golden Temple is among the most famous attractions of Punjab, a must see on North India Tours. The holiest shrine of the Sikh faith, this is also revered by people practicing other religions. The temple is beautiful, with a layer of Gold plating covering most of it. This is what gives it the name, and also a brilliant dazzle in the summer sun. Along with a small pool of water which is contained within the confines, the temple is a place for finding peace and your soul. The stirring calls of the Morning Prayer arouse a deep sense of spirituality in the biggest agnostic.

The land of five waters, and five seasons, known for its fertility, colorful panorama and exquisitely serene and clean atmosphere. Its waters have seen life being quenched since centuries. Its trees have embraced the wind that was fragrant by the immortal stories like Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal and Mirza Sahiban.

The soil which, nurtured sufi poets like Baba Farid, Ali Hajveri, Bulhe Shah, Shah Hussain, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh and Waris Shah. Punjab has seen the starving of Budha and the wandering of Guru Nanak in search of truth. Its terrain has kept the secrets of Indus Valley civilizations along the River Indus at Harappa and many more un-discovered places. Waters still sing here, winds never forget to whisper and rains know how do dance in Mon Soon.


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