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A Few Simple Facts about Liquid Level Switches

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The devices known as liquid level switches are installed in many tanks, reservoirs, sumps, and wells, to alert the owner of a change in the level of liquid in these holding vessels. Many different industries use liquid level switches including the oil and gas industries and the water industries. The amount of fluid that is contained in a holding tank can be extremely important to the way the other components that rely on that fluid works.

Liquid level switches can be crafted from several different materials. There are liquid level switches that are made from inexpensive plastic products and there are some that are made from the highest grade of stainless steel. The material that these liquid level switches are made of affect the price of the device, and they affect the way the device can be used.

The inexpensive plastic versions of these float switches are generally purchased by home owners to use in water related situations. The more expensive and sophisticated stainless float switches will be used more frequently by gas industry corporations.

A liquid level alarm can be added to the tank or cooling tower that the float switch is installed in. The liquid level alarm can set off an audible alarm to alert you of dangerous levels in the container or they can set off flashing lights on a panel to alert you of the condition. You can even get a liquid level alarm that is capable of setting off the lights and the audible alarm at the same time if the application they are being used in calls for it.

The liquid level switches are generally connected to the electrical source and when the level of fluid becomes too low or too high the source of electricity will be interrupted by the switch. The liquid level alarm will send out the warning signals so that you can evaluate the problem and make any necessary repairs before something is ruined.

Most people that have water wells at their home know about the float switches because the cisterns that the water from their well is pumped into have one of these switches installed. When the water drops to a certain level in the holding tank the float switch causes an electrical connection to be made that allows the pump to kick on and begin to pump more water into the holding tank. When enough water has been pumped into the container the float switch will interrupt the electrical current so that the pump kicks off. These systems do not usually have a liquid level alarm but a person could install one and this would stop them from ever burning up their pump motor because the float switch stopped functioning correctly.

The use of liquid level switches to maintain a set amount of liquid in a device can be enhanced with a liquid level alarm if there is a danger of damaging something by a lack of sufficient fluid.


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