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A Few Things about Concrete grinders

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If you work in construction or actively get involved in all the remodeling work of your house, you must know how useful a concrete grinder can be. You can smooth the uneven concrete surfaces or camouflage any less than perfect work. It also does wonders to remove paint spills from the concrete surfaces. There are many types of concrete grinders each suitable for a special type of job.


The hand held grinders are the best option when you have just a small area to cover. It is perfect for a grinding job near the walls or at the counter top. This also helps you in removing any spillage and cleaning the surface. The small size of this type of grinders is perfect for manual use and is very light and convenient.


If you are looking for a concrete grinder which can help you in polishing the new granite or marble flooring of your entire household, the handheld grinder will not suffice. You can use it but that will cost too much of manpower, time and energy. Moreover, the result will be far from perfect. That is why you need a specially built floor grinder or surface grinder. Many of these models come with a dust chute so you will not have to worry about the dirt caused by the work.


If you need to cut through concrete for any remodeling work, think of using a concrete saw. You can take your pick from a hand held small saw or a big one running with electric motors. A good concrete saw can also cut through stone and steel apart from materials like concrete and asphalt. However, you need to take special care of the blades as high amount of heat is generated due to the abrasion. Let your concrete saw blades cool totally before you use it again. This will help in extending the life of your equipment.


Decide which type of grinder or saw you need. If you need a large one only once or twice, it is better to rent one. On the other hand, it is advisable to invest in a hand held concrete grinder as you may need it every now and then. So analyze your requirements and then go for the grinder which is perfect for you.


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