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A Few Things To Consider Before Buying Security Camera Systems

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With all the reports of criminal activities here and there, finally you have come to realize the importance of security camera systems and are now looking for a perfect system to purchase. There are innumerable choices of cameras available in the market nowadays. It is surprising to think that only a few decades before these only involved a camera and a recording device. Today’s CCTV systems are not only much more efficient but a lot more pocket friendly too. While previously you had to spend  a fortune in order to install a security system, nowadays those systems are easily available and that too at a price which is easily affordable by both entrepreneurs and home owners alike.

But before jump in to buy just any kind of security cameras systems, you need to keep a few things in mind.  Are you looking for a residential security system or a commercial one? While most residential camera systems involve outdoor cameras, the commercial systems make use of both indoor and outdoor cameras. Even if your residential security system does require an indoor camera, the lighting requirement will most probably be quite different from that of a commercial one.

The area that needs to be monitored actually acts as the determining factor of the quality of the video light sensitivity and lens type. Is the area outdoors or indoors? Are you going to monitor the area during daytime or during nighttime? The distance between the area of concern and the camera lens determines whether you have to place the camera on the ceiling, wall, roof or pole or whether you require a wide angle type lens or a telephoto. The camera angle and the type of camera are determined by the length and width of the area to be covered. If the area needs normal coverage, a fixed-base, normal-focus camera will be enough. However, if the area needs a wider coverage, then pant-tilt-zoom or PTZ camera will work well. You would also need to properly understand the lighting conditions of the area.  That would help you determine whether you need a camera that automatically adjusts its lighting and recording or a camera that produces color images during the day and white images during the night hours.

Viewing devices also play an important part in your Security Cameras Systems. Are you going to be present near the area that is being monitored? If so, then you will require a local viewing arrangement where you will be able to watch the recorded footage on a CCTV monitor. Nowadays, the Security Camera Systems are also equipped with internet and thus allow you to watch the recorded video from anywhere you want. You just need to have an internet access and you will be able to view the images on your laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. Also try to decide whether you need to record the video 24X7 or on specific hours of a day. This will help you determine what type of recording hardware (PC, DVR, NVR) and video management software you would need.


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  • Posted On March 11, 2012
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