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A Look At Health Issues Regarding Coffee – The Pro’s and The Con’s

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          It has been centuries since we discovered coffee beans and it has been with us ever since. It has affected our lives even if you’re not a drinker and particularly if you’re an avid fan. It’s result is varied from the cafe you hang out in to the farmers that grows the coffee, the method, the economy it sustains, it is obvious that coffee will continue to influence our way of life and will endure as mankind grows. We have also designed technologies for it like coffee makers. With about two billion cups of coffee are drunk each morning it is no wonder that it has a really huge impact and therefore to our health of course. With a lot of the people drinking coffee it is necessary to know what are the advantages and consequences of drinking coffee and that is what this article is about.

          Cardiac problems has long been a problem with coffee as many people declare however there isn’t enough proof to confirm or disprove coffee being associated with heart related illnesses. Quite a few scientist points out that caffeine intake may be the culprit for this as it causes heart rhythm disruptions, unfavourable effects on damage to arteries and blood pressure. But if you think about it caffeine is just one factor and does not constitute the whole coffee plus they could also make it in a decaffeinated brew. Of course it goes without saying that it may also cause disturbed sleep and that’s why it is so crucial during college examinations and needless to say consumption increases during that period of time.

          On the flip side of things coffee has been recognized to contain a large amount of anti-oxidants which assists minimize cell damage and can also help protect against cancer. It was also published that coffee can minimize the chance of type two diabetes and perhaps Parkinson’s disease. Appealing as it seems but studies show that drinking coffee could also help you proof read much better as it allows you to detect grammar errors but regrettably it didn’t assist with identifying misspelled words. Additionally, it can lessen the risk of prostate cancer for males and depression for women and sure enough the list goes on. Hence the question is still should we drink coffee? The answer to that is if you prefer coffee “why not?”, as long as you discover how to make good coffee. You will find certainly more advantages than disadvantages on this subject but never forget to keep everything in moderation as too much of a good thing will always be bad for you.

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