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A new site gives small business the tools it needs to integrate all social media!

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The power of the web is growing faster as time goes on – already, phone books are becoming a phenomena of the last century, a relic that is quickly being replaced by web searches when people are looking for local businesses or wanting to stay updated about those businesses. It is in this regard that the web greatly exceeds the old world way of staying in touch with customers, which was by mail, advertising or through the phone-book. The problem with those methods in today’s world is that they are slow, lack the ability to instantly change your message about your company or its specials, and expensive.

Not to mention that all the old world ways of communicating with your customers are becoming more and more obsolete as time goes by. People simply don’t pay attention to those things like they used to.

Unlike many of the other social networks, which can be adapted for businesses, oGoing at is made specifically for small business, and it gives small business a powerful new tool to communicate with their customers, while also allowing you to link your posts and updates both going from and to the other social media sites you are already signed up for.

Whatever you post on oGoing can show up on twitter and Facebook, and vice versa – these interconnected links are essential for getting a higher page ranking in search engines without paying for them, and provide an invaluable tool for the motivated small business owner no matter what your business is.

OGoing provides a range of tools to small businesses to communicate both with customers, other businesses and people within your own organization, and allows you to distribute timely updates to members of different departments and individual employees, as well as allowing those employees to build their own profile on oGoing. This ability is provided to foster a greater sense of community both within the company and in the community, allowing your people to stay in frequent touch with customers, potential prospects and other business contacts. This increases communication between all parties and allows sales teams and managers to maintain a closer degree of contact with clients and potential clients.

In the end, oGoing is a specialized tool made specifically for the small business owner or entrepreneur – one that will foster both internal and external communication and allow you to seamlessly integrate your presence on other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The goal of this is to provide a specialized platform that will make it easier than ever to communicate with your existing customers and bring more customers in from your community.

Whether you are in retail sales, a B2B business or a service business, you can greatly enhance your web presence with a free oGoing small business social network account – sign up today for increased efficiency, better communication both inside and outside your business, better links and search engine rankings, increased traffic to your website and greater sales. All available at oGoing, your Small Business Community network.


A new Small Business Network is now available, and makes building your Small Business Community easier than ever – increase communications, efficiency and sales.



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