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A new social media made for small businesses-sign up today for a better web presence and more sales!

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There are a lot of new social sites springing up all the time, but relatively few of them end up trying something which is actually new – usually they are just a rehashing of existing sites, and are doomed to failure. OGoing is different in many ways – it was made specifically for small business and entrepreneurs and is a powerful tool for integrating other social media sites. Your account can be created using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn or WindowsLive account. As well, it allows you to use oGoing with Twitter, Facebook and others – as well, they are proud partners of Google Engage, Google Affiliate, Facebook developer, Twitter developer, Apple iOS developer, Amazon, Groupon and Microsoft BizSpark programs.

What all of this means is that oGoing allows you to fully integrate your online your online presence and allows you to directly share Twitter and Facebook updates with the wider oGoing community – and this powerful linking works the other way as well, allowing Twitter and Facebook to share your oGoing updates. This interconnectedness increases your web presence and automatically increases your page rankings in all major search engines.

Want to communicate directly with your employees? You can do so easily with the built in tools, and send company wide messages and updates, or send them to specific teams or individuals. It also allows for a greater means of communicating with potential and existing clients, and is designed specifically for the small business. The final goal is to increase traffic to your website and your brick and mortar store.

Most stores do not do a great amount of internet commerce, but more and more the internet is becoming a tool which, if used properly, can increase the local awareness of your brand and your business. The tools it gives you to connect all your social media platforms truly is unique, and the fact that this site was made specifically for the small business and business entrepreneur ensures that you finally have a Small Business Network that was made specifically to suit your needs and make it easier than ever to drive traffic to your website and your store.

OGoing is very easy to use and absolutely free; it allows you to communicate and connect with customers and other businesses instantly, share real time updates with the other networks and grow your local contacts, brand and sales.

The goal of this powerful network is to fundamentally change the way the Small Business Community connects and promotes themselves over the web – instead of trying to duplicate the already powerful social media which is on the net, all of which are geared toward the individual, it gives small businesses a place to go to mesh all online efforts into one cohesive business strategy, allowing multiple links across lines of communication in a way that is truly unique.

Sign up for your free oGoing small business community account today using your other social media information, and get started building your new web presence today – you will soon see higher page rankings, increased traffic at your website and increased efficiency in communicating within the company and with customers and potential customers – all of this will result in a greater web presence and increased sales!


If you have been looking for a Small Business Network to increase web visibility and sales, oGoing offers the best Small Business Community tools available.


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