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A Quick Look at Zoom Tooth Whitening

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When people first hear about laser teeth whitening, they immediately envision long and painful hours spent at a dentist chair. Laser after all, is one word that is always synonymous with anything that destroys and deconstructs.

While there are many whitening products that flood the market today, like whitening toothpastes, strips, rinses and tray-based tooth whiteners, mostly available over the counter or at the dentists’ office, these products take their sweet time in whitening teeth. And more often than not, these products also whiten your teeth about one to two shades lighter, with results showing anywhere between 10-14 days. Some of them, like the rinses and strips need to be applied or done twice a day to get any visible results. 

The thing about laser teeth whitening or light-activated teeth whitening is that it is anything but painful or long. While it is agreeably one of the most expensive procedures one can go through for the sake of having whiter teeth, many previous patients swear by its effectivity which of course, is helped along with proper care and maintenance. A procedure done at the dentist’s office, it is one that is widely-used worldwide. 

It is a convenient all-in-one kit that already includes a tooth whitener, a bleaching light and mouth guards where the whitening gel is put in before it is placed over your teeth and activated by the bleaching light. The mouth guard also protects your gums from the whitening gel. The whole process begins when a dentist applies the whitening gel directly to the teeth and then using the bleaching light, which is made of mercury metal halide, activates and speeds up the whitening process. The Zoom Tooth Whitening South Melbourne process only takes between 30 minutes to an hour to do, but remarkable results can already be seen. Strategically placed and used correctly, the bleaching light is able to whiten the teeth from top to bottom simultaneously. 

However, despite the rave reviews Zoom whitening gets from those who’ve already tried it and loved how it whitened their teeth, there are still some people who are hesitant about trying it out and so they should be. While it may be the most popular whitening treatment at the moment, it is still best to consult with a dentist to see if it is the best treatment for you. As a general rule, whitening procedures are recommended for people with healthy gums and unrestored teeth, and those with yellowish surface tones. 

The degree of whitening also depends on the original condition of the teeth and as mentioned, will last longer with proper care and maintenance – and this includes avoiding any teeth-staining food or beverages. The good news is you may be able to have your teeth touched up a year or so after your initial treatment. With Zoom teeth whitening, however, you must do this once every 8 to 12 months and simply use over the counter whiteners in between to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. Too much Zoom whitening treatments may result in tooth dehydration because of the high levels of heat from the laser. 

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It is important that one trusts not only their dentist but also the treatments their dentists use to help them with their quest for whiter teeth. To better understand your whitening options, learn <a href=””>more about here</a>.


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