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A Review on Psychic Medium Andrew Anderson

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After spending my time and hard earned money on hundreds of different psychics I learned that there is a big difference between the abilities that each psychic possesses. There are very few psychics that have strong psychic abilities. Most of them are are only accurate a small percentage of the time. My story starts with the best psychic that I have encountered which is Andrew Anderson.

I have always struggled with relationships my entire life which is why I have actively sought out help and guidence from more psychics that I can count. I found Andrew Anderson when he attended psychic weekend at Crystal Rivers gift shop in Elgin, IL. Everyone raved about how good he was but I went into my reading a skeptic as always.

The first thing that Andrew did was give me a big hug. He was very welcoming and I felt comfortable with him. He asked me if I had just broken up with someone and I said yes. He said that he saw it right away and that my ex and I would get back together in a few months. I was leary about that because I wanted nothing to do with my ex at the time of the reading. As we continued he told me that he saw my mother standing behind me. She passed a few years back and I miss her everyday of my life. He passed along a message from her that was very specific and personnel. I knew then that he definitely had some type of ability to see people that have crossed over because there was no way that anyone could pull a message like that out of the blue. My mother and I had a bunch of inside jokes and the message had something to do with one of them. It validated the connection that he was making with my deceased mother.

I continued to sit across from Andrew and was beginning to trust him more as the reading went on. He told me a few things about my job that he saw happening in the future which did come true. Our company went through a merger that was a surprise until it was completed a few months later. When I told some of my co-workers about my reading before the merger happened they did not believe it. After it happened they all went to Andrew for a reading and came back with amazing stories of their own.

Then I asked Andrew about my living situation of which gave him no details. It was a very general question. He told me that I was having problems with my landlord that refused to fix things around my home. He said that I would be able to get out of my lease if I spoke to an attorney (which I later did and he was right). My landlord also agree to give me back my entire security deposit and one month’s rent to avoid a lawsuit.

I asked Andrew some important questions that I already knew the answers to to test him. He passed with flying colors and even asked me why I asked him questions that I already knew the answers to. He definitely called me out on that one! Believe me when I say that I tested him to the extreme before fully trusting him and he never let me down.

To summarize Andrew told me the following which were true:

  1. My ex and I would get back together – This happened even though at the time of the reading I did not want to get back together with him, but as time went on this changed.
  2. He gave me a message from my deceased mother which was very accurate.
  3. Andrew told me about a merger at my company before it happened
  4. He gave me important information about my landlord that allowed me to make a positive change in my living situation and benefit financially.

All in all I would highly recommend Andrew Anderson if you are looking for a reading from a psychic medium. He reminds me of famous psychics such as Theresa Caputo and John Edwards. He has the ability to see and communicate with people that are deceased which can help bring peace and guidence back into your life.

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  • Posted On June 28, 2012
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