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A simple guide to the different aerials for your home

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If you live in a home where a television is in use, then you may have noticed from time to time when the weather is bad you get a bad reception on your television.

This is because your television aerial is being moved which will cause your channels to become distorted. An aerial is most important as it enables you to receive channels.

There are a number of different aerials which you may not know much about. The different types of aerials are listed and what each aerial is for.

One of the most popular aerials is the Yagi aerial that is attached to a long pole which is then attached to the side of your home. The Yagi aerial has prongs on the side which are also called elements. The more elements a Yagi aerial has the better it picks up signal which is why they are so popular. These are mostly used to transmit analogue television. Which is why they used to be popular in the past before the digital switch-over.

Grid aerials are another aerial which improves viewers television reception in low reception areas. These aerials are also good to gain more reception but are not usually used to transmit Freeview.

Alternatively you could decide to have an indoor aerial but do not usually pick up much signal. This type of aerial is best for areas which are not as heavily built up. There are only a small amount of properties which use indoor aerials for their television signals.

You could also choose to have a Digital high gain aerial fitted. This type of aerial has two reflectors and have more than 100 elements, as it picks up more reception than an aerial with less elements. They are usually more expensive than standard Yagi aerials but are perfect for people who want to watch television but would not be able to view the channels without this type of aerial. High Wycombe aerial installation by could arrange for this aerial to be installed on your property.

There are a number of alternatives to the aerials above such as a satellite which you could choose to have installed by a number of satellite dish installers which then means you will have access to many different channels. One of the reasons people have satellite television is that you can record your favourite programs and store them on your satellite box so you can watch them whenever you wish.

There are many different types of aerials so you should also use a company which has experience in fitting different types of aerials. Choosing a company may be easier said than done, which is why you should remember to contact a company who have experience in fitting in aerials. You should ensure that make use of a company which has experience, who have not had any claims made against them

Enlisting the help of a company which has been recommended by a family member is a good way to find a good company. If you are still not certain then you should take a trip to your friends home so that you can see the installation and how well the aerial was fitted.

We hope that this useful guide has helped you to learn about on the many types of aerials. Reading the article may have helped you to choose the correct article and get the most out of your television, so that you can enjoy it to the full.


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