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A single, only to wait for a

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A single, only to wait for a
There is a single, only to wait for a person, and so that one of these people. Not wish to bid farewell to the single, do not want to always do the bachelor, just to share love, the love that has been in the hearts of people, willing to quietly select a person’s life.

Lonely This is something for everyone, all claim to be the heart of a rib. Want to bachelor, bid farewell to loneliness, but in addition to that one person, we are willing to select and loneliness in hand alone rely.

The city lights still lit, and never rest, neon lights flashing out of my loneliness. Habits of a person in such a night wandering the streets of the city, in addition to the long shadows dragging behind it, what with my companion. Actually very lonely, in fact, hard, watching the others are in pairs holding hands walking together, lonely heart could not float to the surface trace of waves, but in order that man, that I am willing to guard the people with a lifetime I am willing to stay in loneliness, guarding the lonely.

Sitting quietly in the cold, stone street, the slightest cold Chol, through the heart bone. Lit a cigarette, hard puff, smoke pervades my view, yellowing of the street light irradiation out of my lonely, independent film looking at the ground, and I smile soon. In addition to the hands of cigarettes, and who could understand my quivering lips? In addition to this dismal night, what is there to hide my loneliness?

Bachelor, not for love does not seek, not the opposite sex do not like. Only to that person, willing to will all buried Cangzaixinli to, willing in the ridicule of others alone survive. Because they believe that they give up everything, willing to pay so much time to wait, to endure the solitude and loneliness of torture, that the person will eventually wait until they believe that now the pain is only temporary, they believe that the pay will eventually be rewarded. They are not asking for anything to pay, just want to be touched by that person, they believe will one day be happy.

Because, so to love, true love is this love can stand the gloomy love, worn love can stand the 1000 hit Wan, once the family dependents, life stubbornly persists, so pay in exchange for love is eternal, the real forever, real Haikushilan.

There is a single, love desperate they are pending, just wait to understand their own mind, and then choose their own, then in hand, go together.

There is a single, love away from it all. They are not afraid of ridicule, because they have always believed that people waiting for the final one day turned to embrace their own, do not forsake.

There is a single, can give up everything for love and they do not care about the wait, how many people will miss, because they only like that one person, because they are only waiting for that one person.

There is a single, to give up everything for love, they do not worry about that used to own and how much effort because they know that person will one day promise themselves, and their life together.

Single, not without people like no one wants flowers, just to that person, they do not want to go picking roadside waving to them that do not want to end his single is not love love, they have been working with has been struggling, they do not care whether other people know about what others understand, they just want the destination, and then went on their own to pay off the flower stays open in the heart of the flower of true love.

I remember such a couplet: There is nothing permanent, Revival, hundred and Qin Guan final Chu; painstaking, day live, broken ax sunk boat, thousand more Htun Oo! , The bachelor is that those who are righteously, they will eventually that day will be a dream come true, and his beloved people holding hands, walking together, go to the movies, along with dependency with, with the finish of life remaining the distance.


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  • Posted On July 5, 2012
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