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A slip and fall lawyer helps you get proper compensation for your injuries – Know How

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A slip and fall lawyer helps you get proper compensation for your injuries – Know How


When a landlord fails to maintain his/her property, it may lead to risks of injury for the people using that property. People can get severely injured in such accidents and thus the law gives them the right to claim compensation. The slip and fall lawyer will help you claim compensation in this regard.


Defining a slip and fall injury


A slip and fall lawyer will define a slip and fall incident as one type of fall down accidents leading to personal injury. Generally, there are four types of slip and fall accidents:

·       Stump and fall accidents: A fall resulting due to some kind of impediment on the walking surface.

·       Step and fall accidents: A fall resulting due to hole on the walking surface.

·       Slip and fall accidents: The interface of the shoe and the floor fails leading to an accident

·       Trip and fall accidents: The walking surface has a foreign object which leads to fall down.


Different types of slip and fall cases


Slip and fall cases can be of different types. A slip and fall lawyer will help you claim damages in all these different types of cases. Some of the common types of slip and fall cases include:

·       Wet floors with no sign of warning

·       Improper lighting

·       Gap or holes in the pavement

·       Construction defects

·       Code violation

·       Icy and broken steps

·       Missing railings


Who takes the responsibility for a slip and fall accident? 


In most cases, the property owner/landlord and the injured person can be held responsible for the injury but in varying degrees. It is the duty of the property owner/landlord to maintain his/her property and keep it safe. On the other, it is the responsibility of every human being to watch their steps while walking so that they don’t fall down on the walking path. A slip and fall lawyer can help you in deciding the varying degrees of responsibility in such accidents.


What is comparative negligence all about?


Comparative negligence can be defined as your own responsibility in the accident compared to that of the responsibility of the landlord/property owner. The court will have the ultimate right to establish the percentage of liability for each party in case of slip and fall accident. It is this percentage of liability which will help the court to determine the percentage of the resulting damages which each party will be liable to pay.


How should you deal with a slip and fall injury? 


A slip and fall injury can be dangerous. So you should know how you will have to deal with the whole situation. You should immediately contact a medical examiner and go for a thorough check up in order to find out the severity of the accident. The medical examiner’s report will be a proof for you while claiming compensation from the other party. The slip and fall lawyer will also ask you for the statement of medical examiner. Apart from the medical examiner’s statement, you should also take a note of the date and time of the accident, provide your slip and fall layer with a description of the accident site, click some photographs of the accident site, etc. 


If you are hurt in a slip and fall accident, you should contact a qualified and experienced slip and fall lawyer ASAP so that you come to know what steps you need to take in order to file the lawsuit. 



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