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A taxi ride and a stranger

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Ireland has a rich history of its own. It also is a hot business destination in the world. Tourist in-flow in the country is huge round the year. Ireland taxi provides invaluable service to this tourist community. Without this mode of conveyance, it would have been somewhat difficult to move around the place comfortably.

The National Transport Authority regulates and authorize license to all Ireland taxi. Technically the cabs are called Small Public Service Vehicles or SPSV. Ireland airport cabs include premier models like Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class, Toyota Avenis etc. Even Nissan Leafs ply a lot and are called Green taxi commonly.

An Ireland taxi can be hired at a taxi rank, or it could also be hailed on the street. A taxi will queue up in a rank only when it is available for hire. The National Transport Authority sees to it that all taxis have a verified calibrated meter and a printer as well for handing over receipts. It is mandatory for these vehicles to have a regulation roof sign. The roof signs are hardly helpful in identifying a taxi on the road in daytime. Only after the night has set in, these signs proof their usefulness. When an Ireland taxi is available for hire or is on hire, its roof sign remains on. When it is off, the vehicle is no more available for a hire.  For the ease of the passengers, the cabs display the national maximum taxi fare card in the front of these vehicles. The passenger information card is displayed at the car rear likewise. Ireland airport cabs do not charge any extra fare from their passengers, unless otherwise agreed with in advance. Standard and reliable billing ensures passenger comfort from financial viewpoint. The toll taxes are paid in the course of a journey. Most cabbies in Ireland add the exact toll tax amount with their bill to the customers.

Ireland taxi drivers can hardly come out of their vehicle while on duty. It is must for a driver to remain with the vehicle all the time while standing for a hire. Even during a hire he/she cannot actually move out it. The billing system allows a passenger to receive a printed copy of the bill anytime. The printed bill mentions the vehicle number and other relevant details, which makes easy tracing of the vehicle along with the driver in case a passenger leaves behind the camera, or documents etc. The drivers also maintain a log of all bookings made along with other relevant details. A taxi is permitted to ferry a maximum of eight passengers counting the driver.

The Irish people are famous for their charm, friendliness and good nature. Ireland taxi drivers win over the hearts of strangers to their country in no time. An unwanted incident involving a taxi driver and passenger occur seldom. With the kind of hospitality one gets from taxi drivers in this country is even worth remembering. The taxi service being a vital sector of economy, it seems stakeholders in the country are conscious about promoting the sector.

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