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A Travellers Guide To The Gold Coast

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With all its amazing tourist hotspots, sun-drenched beaches and exhilarating theme parks, the Gold Coast is truly the perfect holiday destination. For anyone unfamiliar with Australia or just the coast, it can be a bit daunting planning for a Gold Coast holiday. Check out this travel guide to ensure you know what to expect from the weather, are ready for all the amazing activities the coast has to offer and know how to pick the ideal place to stay. 


With a comfortable, sub-tropical climate all year round, the Gold Coast is the ideal destination to visit at any time of the year. Temperatures average in the mid to high 20s and the highest rainfall is recorded during the summer months of December to February. Due to the extremely sunny weather, sunscreen is a must-have item, as well as hats, sunglasses and swimmers! Light clothing is suitable throughout most of the year, with a light jacket needed for cooler nights. 

Tourist Hot Spots

The Gold Coast serves as the ideal base for visiting a range of world-class Queensland attractions. These include famous beaches, theme parks, shopping malls, bars and clubs, restaurants and festivals. Rather than making entertainment reservations prior to your arrival, you can usually just talk to the staff at your accommodation venue and get your tickets then. This is a good option as quite often your accommodation will come with various promotions and deals that you can use to save incredible amounts on the prices of activities.


Exciting nightlife is the mark of a great holiday destination, and luckily for you the Gold Coast doesn’t disappoint. For families and romantics, there a number of excellent restaurants catering to a wide array of tastes and budgets – some of the state’s best restaurants are just a stone’s throw away from the main strip. For the nocturnal types, the Gold Coast is also an excellent place to party in style – the large and diverse number of nightclubs will cater perfectly to anyone looking to dance the night away.


In order to enjoy all the activities and beautiful beaches the Gold Coast has to offer, it is ideal to stay in a hotel or resort that is located near the heart of the city. One of the most popular areas for accommodation is Broadbeach, where you can enjoy the tranquillity of the coast and the exhilarating tourist sites at the same time. Broadbeach Savannah Hotel and Resort is currently one of the most popular places for families, offering high-quality facilities, luxurious apartments and the most affordable prices.

What are you waiting for? Book a place to stay today to experience the best that Queensland and the Gold Coast have to offer.

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The author is associated with Savannah Resort. Savannah Resort, on the Gold Coast, in Queensland offers high-quality accommodation broadbeach and modern amenities that are comfortable and unique. The company offers finest accommodation at Broadbeach in Qld. Their broadbeach hotels are highly luxurious and comfortable for the visitors.


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Bio: The author is associated with Savannah Resort. Savannah Resort offers high-quality accommodation and modern amenities that are comfortable and unique. The company offers finest accommodation at broadbeach.

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