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A Will is a testamentary instrument where tester can distribute property according he/her wishes.

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It is known that everybody wants to lead the happy life and his/ her only is concerned about the properties after the death. The person has the right to devolve his property after his death through a Will. It is advisable for everyone to write the Will to his or her loved ones. So that there will be not any fighting and legal expenditure for the property after death of concern person. Will is a testamentary instrument where tester can distribute property according he/her wishes. 

A will is a written document by which dead man transfer his property to the living for enjoy the property according to their wish.   Of course, it can either oral or written. But written is advisable always. Another important aspect is one or two witnesses are mandatory in the presence of testator. The witnesses need not know the content of the will. Both movable and immovable properties can be devolved by the testator. Will is an inexpensive and safe transferring from testator to his loved ones. Even it can be written on the piece of paper and it does not need stamp duty or registration. Will is obviously safe as testators will live with them till the death and it is not known to anybody unless future owners reveal it.

Registration is necessary for will but it is always better to be registered as they are many advantages. In case of any dispute, it is easily proved and it does not allow anybody to raise question on specific matter. So registration copy is advisable to obtain. Will takes effect after the death of testator and he can cancel it any time if he does not like it during his life time. Some times testator goes for two or three wills as per the law last one will be testament of testator. 

As per the Muslim law, any adult with sound mind can write a will to his loved ones. Neither minor nor lunatic make a will. Testator can devolve his property even for the unborn child.

Will is important aspect that has to be done as soon as possible by the testator to his or her loved ones. If not, it is a big issue on the face of the earth. Have advice of lawyer and act according to law to avoid unexpected events in future.

Currently, even a small agreement is registered so, property is more valuable and Will gives peace of mind to both.     


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