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Ab Machines and How They Can Help You

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With such a variety of ab machines available, you can spend all your spare time studying them and never getting around to actually exercising. The problem is, everyone wants to have abs like fitness models and bodybuilders but no one likes to do sit-ups, crunches or work out for hours every day. In this articles, we’ll be taking an honest look at some of the better known ab machines you can find today.

One of the easiest and most high tech ab machines you can find today is the Flex Belt. This is probably the laziest way to work your abs, but it’s effective nonetheless -perfect if you don’t have much time or don’t like exercise. Believe it or not, you can get great abs by wearing the Flex Belt for only half an hour every day, and this technology is actually FDA approved. This is not the kind of belt long worn by weightlifters, but a high tech device that stimulates your muscles electronically. While the Flex Belt will tone your abs, if you need to lose weight it won’t magically take pounds off you, so it doesn’t replace the need for diet and exercise if you need to burn calories.

When you talk about ab machines, you can’t ignore the ab bench, which is one of the most basic pieces of exercise equipment you can buy, yet still effective. You can do all the basic ab exercises such as sit-ups, crunches and leg lifts at various inclines using an ab bench.

Many of today’s ab benches, however, also have handlebars, a wider variety of incline angles and options that give you the ability to do more diverse workouts. Ab benches come in many varieties, and many price ranges, so if this is what you’re looking for you should shop around for a quality model at a good price.

The American Council on Exercise doesn’t commonly recommend exercise machines, but they made an exception with the Torso Track. This ab machine also has the endorsement of a popular actress, Suzanne Somers. Your muscles are worked as you kneel and move forward and backward on the track. One advantage of this unit is that your abs get a great workout in a very short time, so your exercise sessions don’t have to be long. There are also more advanced exercises you can do when you’ve gotten comfortable with the basic motion. There are several models of Torso Tracks available, and most sell for between one and two hundred dollars. Even though ab machines are great tools to improve fitness and build up your abs, but understand that they must be used on a constant basis in order to see good results. You also have to watch what you eat if you’re trying to lose weight. You have to do more than exercise to accomplish this. Ab machines like the ones reviewed can be a practical component of your fitness program.

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