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Access Control System – Unique System for Every Organization

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Have you seen a small machine outside the entry gate of many organizations? Where all employees will stop for a while either and press their thumb or they will swipe their card? This system is called as attendance control system or time attendance system. The practice of restricting entrance to the building or property, room or to meet any authorized person is called security and the access control system controls the security.

There are several access control systems are available in the market like time attendance system, biometric access control etc. Finger print access control system and time attendance system are suitable for all types of organization and factory premises. It has software which stores the data of more than 12000 to 15000 employees. It is suitable to small, medium and large scale offices. The finger print based access control software in India is made for all kinds of organizations as this tamper proof fingerprint door lock device reduces the managerial cost involved with the usual ID card or swipe cards. Access control system or accurate attendance tracking is more secure compared to usual ID card or swipe card. As every individual is a separate entity the fingerprint of every human being is different. The fingerprint is saved in the machine and when the person presses his thumb or a finger on the machine, the machine verifies by giving peep sound or lighting the green button. It not only stores the fingerprints but it also stores photos and voices which restricts and controls the fake entries of employees or entry of an unknown person in the restricted area or premises.

The basic features of access control systems are that they are very quick and accurate. Randomly you can details of any employee working in the organization or any branch. As we know Limited companies, private limited companies or multinational companies has many branches speeded in different cities and states and personnel department is only one located in corporate branch, in this case if the HR personnel wants to access the data of any employee for his salary or leave calculation then, the system has to be developed in such a way that, it is connected to local server or through net which can be accessible to anybody at any point of time. Accurate attendance tracking system is connected to the company’s local area network or it is connected through internet so that, the HR personnel or any higher authority can access the database from their devises like mobile, laptop of tablet.

Access control software in India is very popular and many companies are keen to develop such software for their company. Access control system providers are very much skilled people who develop this software according to the need of the organization considering the capacity of the organization and the braches they have in multiple cities. They manage the network of companies. Few access control systems records more than 30000 transactions and it can be use or access up to 500-1000-1500 users. 

This software helps the personnel department to collect the information in single software and process it for further calculations. Salary Calculations or leave and overtime calculations can be done very easily with the help of this software. You can easily take a printout of any details or the whole database.


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  • Posted On August 16, 2012
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