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Acer Aspire One Notebook-Things to Consider Prior to Your Purchase

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People that are looking for functionality in a notebook computer ought to take a look at the Acer Aspire One Notebook that is available. For people that are sick and tired of checking their e-mail on their little smartphone screen, this computer is ideal because of its size and overall performance. Listed in a very affordable price range, this computer can do what most iPad’s and other tablet computers are capable of doing. If you want to know more about the Acer Aspire One, we’ll be discussing some of its main features in this article.

One of the more popular features of the Aspire One is the wireless LAN that allows network connections in multiple locations. It is also equipped with three USB ports that will allow you to connect your MP3 player to download your iTunes or any other digital devices that you have. If you need an Ethernet connection, the RJ-45 port will allow you to make surfing the web very easy. The features that are on this notebook make it just as usable as a laptop a couple hundred dollars more making it a versatile for most situations.

If you’ve been considering a device such as an iPad but have hesitated because of the cost, this compact notebook might be a good alternative. Comparatively speaking, specifically looking at only physical dimensions such as size and weight, the iPad and the Aspire One are similar in many ways. It is important, when making comparisons, to notice that this Acer laptop gives you a lot of functionality for the price.

It is significant to note that if you’re looking for a computer that has a word processor, the iPad would not be your first choice as it does not have one. Another thing to be aware of is that both the iPad 1 and 2 did not have a camera built-in, or a decent quality camera, respectively. So, while the iPad has more bells and whistles, for basic computer functions, you can save money and get an Aspire One instead.

Although this computer has many positive components, the Aspire One also has a couple disadvantages. For those of you that enjoy working on your computers, and upgrading them from time to time, this particular unit is not as internally accessible as most others. While you can certainly play basic games on this notebook, it’s not really designed for hard core gamers, who would do better with a more powerful computer. Watching full length movies might also drain the battery, though it’s perfect for viewing shorter videos online. Despite all of that, this computer can do all of the basic operations that most people do on a daily basis without any problems.

The combination of affordability with usability is why the Acer Aspire One is such a popular computer today. It gives you an alternative for connecting to the internet on a device that’s easy to take with you wherever you go. The Aspire One actually gives you lots of functions and power in a small package, and it won’t tax your budget very much either.

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