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Adding a Beautiful Appearance to Your Patio by Using an Arbor or a Pergola

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An arbor is a standard construction usually seen in landscapes characterized by the existence of vines and extensive beams constructed in a similar fashion as a lattice. They’re the smaller version of the pergola which is lengthier, more prominent, and often interchanged with an arbor. It can be made use of like a gazebo or a welcome arch at home.

The word “pergola” is derived from the Latin word “pergula” which translates to mean projecting eave or an arbor. Pergolas and arbors were first employed in the 1640s; like the arbors and pergolas found in lots of homes and other places these days, those of the medieval era had weaved blossoms and pillars supporting lattices. As pergolas moved to the 20th century, simpler and more recent types took form.

1921 Classic

The September 1921 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine illustrates the timeless pergola built from cypress wood. 9 feet tall posts were positioned on both ends to reinforce 4 wooden planks. These two sets then hold several smaller planks on top, giving the roof for this classic pergola.

1926 Outdoor Entryway

The July 1926 issue of the same magazine featured a lattice frame that can be turned into an arbor or a pergola. Also made out of wood, the crisscross design of this arbor or pergola is excellent if you desire an outdoor family area. In some cases, the lattice frame doesn’t require square gaps; it can likewise have rectangles.

1933 Two-for-One

In the July 1933 issue, Popular Mechanics presented an arbor that’s well-liked by Houston locals today. It was referred to as a “two-for-one,” being a lawn swing and a pergola simultaneously. These arbors Houston people enjoy outdoors come with a long swing or a simple chair beneath the arbor roof structure. Kids can delight in playing in the swing while the arbor gives a certain level of shelter from sun’s heat.

2005 Modern

Fast forward to the 21st century and a Houston arbor residences can include in their courtyards is nonetheless trending. By using modern and more durable materials like fiberglass, the arbors of today are stronger than those from only a century ago. Furthermore, assembly kits in the market make constructing arbors and pergolas less complicated.

For more of Popular Mechanics’ selection styles for pergolas or patios Houston residents might want, head to The article on the site also includes some hyperlinks to their previous issues of the magazine; a helpful resource in seeking the best layout.


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