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Adding Warmth and Style to your Interior Decoration

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Various options present themselves when considering interior decoration for your space. Designers may lean towards the use of metal, plastic, or reused materials, but wood is always used in various quantities in the majority of setups. Whether it is for domestic or commercial interior design, using wood can greatly enhance the feel of the surroundings. Wood is extremely versatile; it can be used to make anything from the wall fixtures, the doors, the furniture, and even the floor. Moreover, it is easy to work with and it comes with natural textures and colors that are great and that blend well with other materials.

With the ease of maintenance that comes with wood, it is easy to see why it is the preferred material to use in interior decoration. Wooden surfaces usually required uncomplicated cleaning procedures, such as sweeping, vacuuming, or simple wiping. This quality is complimented by the fact that wood is naturally durable and easy to repair.

Wood’s durability is one of the reasons behind the use of wood in interior decoration. Wooden floors are usually able to take a lot of abuse in comparison to the other wood alternatives, such as laminates. The wood is easy to repair and when the floor or furniture suffers some damage, the wood can be easily repaired and the restoration is usually easy and inexpensive. Some people even see the scratches that wood may get over time as adding character to the floor or furniture. Wood is thus a cheap material for making classy furniture and floors as it provides value over time.

The main benefit of using wood for the floor — other than its visually appealing qualities and durability — is the warmth that the floors have. Owing to their tiny air pockets, wood is an excellent insulator. This property makes it comfortable to walk on with bare feet, regardless of the season. While this effect can be achieved through the use of carpets, there is another property of wood that makes it better than carpeted floors: its smooth finishing.

The benefit of using wood as your interior decoration choice is the fact that when done well, wooden floors do not harbor dust, mold, or pollen. This is an excellent property that offers an edge over options such as carpeting as carpets provide hiding places for allergens to collect and thrive. For people who have children or who are sensitive to various allergens, wood is thus an excellent choice for you to use in your interiors.

Above all, wood provides a wealth of variety for your interior decoration needs. There are many hardwood varieties that are available to satisfy your preferences when it comes to the color and the size of the grain. Moreover, wood can be cut into boards of various sizes and it can also be lacquered or painted to provide various finishes for your floor or furniture. You can thus rarely go wrong when you choose wood for interior decoration projects; due to its mass appeal, the value of your property is going to be elevated.

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Vikrant Deshpandey is an Interior Designer who has been in the profession for almost 10 years. He is passionate and knows a lot about drapes and textures. For more information about Wooden Flooring, Commercial Flooring and Hospitality Interior Projects visit


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Bio: Vikrant Deshpandey is an Interior Designer who has been in the profession for almost 10 years. He is passionate and knows a lot about drapes and textures. For more information about Flooring, Corporate and Hospitality Interior Projects visit

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