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Addressing various issues of disability

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Being disabled is quite challenging. A disabled know his inability but the others may not. Disability can be there in a number of ways like impairment of limbs, non functional senses or the combination of two. What ever it is, disability poses a huge and complex challenges before the sufferer.

In home a disabled can manage and alter his living as per his specific needs and there is also support available from the other family members who help the individual try and lead a normal life. But the case with the equitable treatment to the disabled was soon addressed and a set of guidelines we drafted and passed as the disability discrimination act (DDA).

The basic aim of this disability discrimination act was the spread of disability awareness and built up a stable and common platform where all individuals specifically the disabled ones receive equitable treatment. The main purpose of this act was to give a second chance to the disabled and allow them live a free life. The national register of access consultant (NRAC) appoints certain professionals who check the architecture design of a particular building and assure that everything has been designed in accordance to the set guidelines. For that they prepare the access statement for the building.

The access consultants will evaluate the whole building structure starting form the entrance, parking, paving to the main building, indoor access, stairs, railings, lifts, access to washroom and availability of certain necessities like railings etc. The width of all entrances and passages should be such that a normal size wheelchair can easily fit and pass through it making it just very convenient for the disabled to pass through them.

DDA not just takes the physical attributes into account but is also responsible for addressing the psychological aspects as well. The access consultants often work with spreading disability awareness and making people aware of the disability and how they can help a disabled individual gain equal rights. They also help disabled with equality training and help them learn to cope with the coming challenges in their life.

Coping up with disability can be a huge challenge not just for suffer but also for the others with who are dealing with them. Often the disabled individuals move through psychological disturbances that bring an inferiority complex in them. Sometimes even the normal conversation or attitude and seem to them drastic and hurts them. In that case individuals are to learn and remain vigilant of the specific needs of the disabled.

Disability training in this aspect can be much more helpful. On one hand it will allow the individuals to have a stable and balanced temperament while on the other hand it will make the other individuals understand and know the disabled in a better way so that they can be handled efficiently.

In the whole concept of disability and equality training and awareness the role of access consultants is quite crucial. They are the men and women behind the scene who make this happen. Looking for access consultation you can simply log on to:


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