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adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2012

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Adidas is a German sports goods manufacturer Adidas AG Group member companies. The predecessor of the Adidas brand in 1920 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, began production of footwear. In 1948, Adidas founder Adolf Mr. Adi Dassler the first three letters of his middle name, adi and surname Dassler, synthetic “adidas” brand as a commodity and to apply for registration; 18 August 1949 The registered company name of adidas AG, adidas’ logo, the famous was the advent of the triangle three line trademark. Today, Adidas still uphold the idea of ​​the perfect shoe Adi Dassler, with world-class top sportsman and coach exchange ideas and needs, after a series of repeated tests and tests, the development of the ergonomic products, will not only help professional athlete to enhance sports performance, better meet the general market consumer demand for high quality sporting goods. In recent years, Adidas is not only in design, function, breakthroughs, the representative of the three lines design concept also set off another trend in the fashion trends that swept a new generation of young nowadays to form a popular new style to lead the global movement of goods towards more diversified vision. the adidas by Jeremy Scott in the design of the 2012 spring and summer, full of creativity play fun really very memorable, some image even Shenluo in the bottom of my heart. This time, the adidas by Jeremy Scott shoes, a topic of it seems to last a very long time. See JS Wings, washed denim as a material, the adidas Originals for our interpretation of the design process from the first glance, each with a choice of raw materials is really elusive and difficult to forget, regardless of on the texture or tone of feeling, showing the different styles of the “wave” flavor; signs of Leopard, Leopard for the Sneaker and Black Edition is the Gorilla Sneaker thoughts, not only for “adidas Originals” animal park added new buddies, the same harvest the number of teeth sprout heart, a new creative thinking, delicate product design, will become the biggest highlight of this series; If you are a distinctive people, how to forget for the design of the flag of the United States of America the JS Wings, and the pair of strong retro flavor tongue systems shoes are detonated both look forward to the eye. Jeremy Scott is indeed the design limitations of the shoes in the challenge, fought side by side with the adidas Originals days, the release of all their creative inspiration to the imagination to the fullest. We have reason to believe that the adidas by Jeremy Scott in Seanker the long history of a certain will be enduring, because they are indeed worthy of us to remember. From ancient times, the invention of shoes, and even picked up his shoes. For thousands of years, become an integral version of our shoes. A friend of mine bought a nice pair of shoes, but later her feet were injured after two days, resulting in inconvenience. We can not help but sigh, the shoes are to blame. Consider that some of our shoes worn by both large and small are numerous. But we still have a question, what kind of shoes are comfortable, and how to find the right pair of shoes. From the Adidas wings in the online sales, you can find any kind of shoes do you like best. A pair of comfortable shoes, depending on their design. Adidas shoes and wings allow you to enjoy stylish and comfortable. adidas Originals by its global brand spokesperson for Eason Chan and fashion genius designer Jeremy Scott for the first time to work together a shoe in the spring and summer of 2013. This works perfect blend of talented designers Jeremy Scott stylish personal grasp of fashion and Eason Chan. This partnership is another expansion of the good relations with these two fashion icons and the adidas Originals brand. The music superstar Eason Chan since 2011 has served as global brand ambassador for adidas Originals, adidas Originals is proud of this cooperative relationship will continue in 2012 to 2013, detonated original impetus to continue and Eason Chan. Eason unique stylish and the pursuit of music, much beloved. It is such charm that inspired the genius designers Jeremy Scott’s enthusiasm for the creation of new footwear. Jeremy Scott, from the spring and summer 2009 launch of the adidas Originals adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott series. His bold design, the classic elements of the fusion adidas, the perfect appearance of the relentless pursuit of the adidas Originals for the original. To celebrate the upcoming cooperation of the legendary fashion genius designers and super singers. at March 15, adidas Originals in the South Bund held on the 22nd of a gorilla theme party. Apes shoes inspired by the adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott series of spring and summer products, this party will be a full range of interpretation of the theme of the orangutan: a giant gorilla on the roof of disdain for global. The afternoon’s media preview of the activities will allow the media to the first taste of the adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2012 autumn and winter series of style. The new series of clever use of elements from nature and technology, and all inclusive in the style of the 1990s style. adidas Greater China Sports vice president of marketing SimonMillar said: adidas is very proud and charismatic star of the two together. This really is a unique blend of East and West, creation, interpretation of the brand of innovation and adidas is all in the spirit. This party is a good opportunity and platform to the two superstars work together to exchange and generate a spark. Eason With the charm of his music make and extraordinary people. Adidas is all in the best interpretation of his dedication and pursuit of music for their own style of unique. Jeremy Scott works, such as wings shoes, panda shoes and apes shoes has been introduced already become a classic, fashion session and become a legend. They are two of the joint surgeon is bound to the birth of a very unique and creative works. adidas Originals (Adidas Classic Series) Adidas classic heritage. This series of extensive use in the 1940s to the 1980s elements of design inspiration, with a strong sense of retro. At the same time, the adidas Originals respected the spirit of the original, and for all, to encourage original, eager to acclaim for the originality of street fashion brand.


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