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Advertising Your PG in an Effective Way

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Nowadays when PG accommodation facility is getting more and more popular and people are searching PG hostels in Bangalore, Gurgaon or similar cities increasingly, a lot of people who own a big home or some extra space are eager to rent the rooms to needy people, which is a good thing. This way their two purposes are served. They can earn some extra (and sometimes major too) income and they get rid of their loneliness. This is especially true with elderly people who spend their retirement life alone in a big home either having no children or having their children far away.


If you have an apartment or a bungalow which is too large for you, you can rent some of its rooms to needy people like students or single office-goers. Finding a good PG is a big task for those who shift to a new city. If your place is in good locality or near offices or colleges, you can get much of responses to your PG. In such cases, instead of advertising your PG through mouth-publicity or in some local newspaper, if you advertise it on the web, you can get an unbelievable response, because internet reaches a vast population with no barriers of city, state and even country. Your advertisement may reach worldwide where people may be looking for PG hostels in Mumbai or Delhi or any such cities. is a site where you can advertise your PG for free and you get an incredible response. This is because is a site which is dedicated to the topic of PG hostels in Kolkata, Chennai and such metropolises. It is formed with a view to serve the vast needy population who want PG accommodation desperately. So if you live in any Indian metropolis and have a big space, you can get the chance to advertise your PG on accepts all types of PG advertisements. PG accommodations for men and boys in Hyderabad or Kochi, or PG accommodations for girls and women in Ahmedabad or Lucknow are very popular on You can specify the features of your PG and can also add photos so that people looking for a particular type of PG can contact you. The other side of this is allows tenants to submit their requirements which you can go through and contact those tenants whose demands your PG can fulfill. This is a very effective method to get a tenant who can be your ideal paying guest. Thus presents a win-win situation for PG owners and tenants.


Once you find a right tenant and the negotiation with him or her ends up successfully, the tenant can book online PG and you get your payment. It is quite simple process and you don’t have any stress regarding payment as is the case with local advertising. If you want an advance payment or deposit, you can specify that too in your ad; it will be conveyed to the tenant who will pay online and you will get the money.


All in all does a big job of getting you good tenants and relieving a big stress of yours of payment collection. If you are thinking of starting PG hostels in Pune or Nagpur or any such city, you should advertise your PG on to get a massive response.


Priyanka Sharma is a consultant of PG hostels in Mumbai, Kolkata, Gurgaon and several other important cities and metropolises in India. The travel industry expert also offers accurate advice on booking online PG accommodations for Women and Girls.To advertise and find paying guest accommodations


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  • Posted On May 22, 2012
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