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Advice on When your Having your DAY.

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We’ve all had our days. You wake up one morning and hate the whole world. Nothing seems to be right. Your hairs a mess, your clothes are horriblel, and your eyes are red. Then the unspeakable happens. Your Brother/Sister or Son/daughter or Mom/dad do something wrong and you completely lose it. And after your done yelling at them they show amusement or start laughing. And something just snaps inside of you. I personally have had to learn the hard way on how to control my temper on these days, and try to avoid those days.

Some of you who are reading this, may be calm and considerate and don’t have much of a problem keeping anger in check. But others like me can be wild and emotional.

Let’s start with the basics on how to keep self control when completely unprepared for this day.

1) Breathe Deeply

2) Count to 10

3) Try to laugh


We’ve all heard of these tips before. But many people let anger take over. Here are some ways to avoid such a day from happening.

1) Meditation- I know some of you may be thinking,”It’s hard to meditate in the middle of a city apartment.” Well to meditate you don’t need much at all.

a)  You can do it very simply. Close your eyes, sit criscross, back straight and breathe deeply.

b) You can do it with music. Just find a song or tune that you really like and do A but with the music.

c) You can also do what I do. If any of you have those ipads or iphones etc. than download the app nature sounds. Go to Mixer and choose the sounds that you like best. Do A but with nature sounds.


1)Make sure you do it somewhere with light from a window. You should be seated with your back to the window.

2) Doing it outside in a nature place will work very well.

3) Do it in the morning.


2) Another small thing you can do is to wake up early. I know you think this may make you even more tired, but it gives you more time, so you don’t have to rush anything. Do not wake up at 5:30. The time you should consider early is 6:00 to 6:30 am.


3) Somethings that I like to do is call days, MY DAY. On MY DAY, I try to make everything work and just try to have fun and let go of any problems for a day. Some things that I do on MY DAY are…

a) Go to parks

b) spend time with friends

My hobbies are different from your hobbies. The day before MY DAY I try to arrange everything making sure tomorrow will be the best it can be.

Those are some ways to be prepared for bad days.



Now let’s say you are faced with a situation in which you are not prepared. Your anger is flowing. And you yell every insult you know at someone. You can choose any of the following and try to decide which one will help you most.


a) double over laughing and pretend it was a joke.

b) apologize.


As you can see there are not many options for when you have let your anger out. So it’s best to keep it in.

Now let’s pretend your ABOUT to let your anger out. You could do some of the things listed at the top. Now right now you would be in a very difficult situation. The only thing that can save you is thinking and common sense.

a) concentrate on a random topic such as clocks, haircuts, your hair, etc.

b) think for a sec what would happen if you did let out your anger. Think of the disadvantage you’d be at.

c) focus on something funny.

d) pretend like you know something that the person you want to yell at doesn’t. For example think of what your reaction would be if your brother, the one your angry at, had IDIOT written on his face. You would cover your mouth and try to stop smiling. So if you cover your mouth and look as if your trying to stop smiling and then start laughing, your brother is most likely going to ask you what’s wrong but of course you won’t tell him. That will give you time to regain common sense.




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