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All About Blackberry, Its Features and Specifications

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Mobile phone upgrades their technology every day and introduce several latest features in order to market. Many companies like blackberry, Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, etc., introduce new models with several features like an internet browser, gaming devices, personal digital assistants, portable media players and much more. Companies launch several new models in order to market for customer satisfaction. So one of the reputed company blackberry mobile phone also came into existence to satisfy the customers and introduces several new features for customers satisfaction. 


History of Blackberry:


Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) designed and developed the blackberry, which is known as line of mobile email and smart phone devices. Blackberry first introduced in the year 1999 and model of 850, which is known as two-way pager. Later it releases most commonly known smart phone blackberry which supports text messaging, internet faxing, push email, other wireless information services and web browsing. By concentrating on email services, it take place headway in the marketplace.


What software’s does it support:


Software of Blackberry:


“Blackberry Messenger” use the proprietary of blackberry devices also known as BBM, software for voice notes, images, videos, sending and receiving encrypted messages through blackberry pin.


Other supported software’s:


Some of the third-party software’s that are allowed by blackberry is database management systems, which is used to support the customer relationship management. Later it allowed android player for android systems, which are available for the blackberry play book.


Operating System:


Blackberry provides the operating system of Java MIDP 1.0 and WAP 1.2. It upgrades their OS 1.0 to OS 7. Blackberry designed operating system for use of input devices like track pad, track wheel and trackball.


Features of blackberry:


It provides a different features like Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) and Blackberry with Email Client. For connectivity purpose, Google made connectors to make BES the Google applications available. BIS is available in 91 countries, which made BES available and suppose it is helpful for accessing 10 email accounts at a time.


More Special Features of Blackberry:


It posses more features like stay in touch, fast messaging, mobile phone, social networking, text and email messaging, blue tooth and provides instant Information like web browser, extra organiser having the options like calender, task list, address book, calculator and memo pad. It also provides Global positioning system, travel related information, entertainment, music, multimedia and video and camera.


Stores of Blackberry:


Firstly blackberry stores was launched in some countries like London, Toronto and Charlotte. And later it can be opened the stores in rest of the world.


Third-party companies:


Some of the third-party companies like Mobile Phone Recycling companies are decided that most of the people in the UK the average person upgrades their mobile phone every 18 months once. However, a few people know they can <a href=”h″>Sell Mobile</a> phones for cash while throwing them into trash. People normally snub old mobile Phones and left in a drawer. So on average per Annum they spend expenditure on Mobile Phones is nearly 1 billion pounds worth of old mobile phones sitting in drawers and get wasted. So, the <a href=”” title=”Mobile Phone Recycling”>Mobile Phone Recycling</a> companies are decided manufacturing a new mobile phone takes a huge expenditure while purchasing an old mobile phone from the customers.


Benefits of selling a old mobile and purchase a old mobile phone:


The benefits of selling old mobile is profitable to the customers is: Those who having the old mobile phones or broken mobile phones some of the companies can purchase the mobile phones with the best price. So, list out the companies and can sell your mobile phone them. Companies also get profit through this process.




Blackberry is branded company, which gives more features, and also launch new models for the satisfaction of customers and some third-party companies may buy these old mobile phones and recycling them while manufacturing the new mobile phone.


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