Pulverizers are mechanical devices that are used in various industries for grinding and crushing different kinds of materials. Impact Pulverizer can crush all kinds of materials including glass, rock, resin, tyres and even medical wastes. Pulverizers are available in various grades and specifications and one of the most popular models is the Cone Pulverizer.

Benefits Of Cone Pulverizer:
*    Cone Pulverizer has fully automatic operations with predetermined sequence of operations such as Automatic Granule Lifter and Automatic Controls of Temperature.
*    Cone Pulverizer has a sturdy construction to avoid any kind of vibrations.
*    Cone Pulverizer functions on frictionless grinding principle.
*    The feeding rate of a Cone Pulverizer is well controlled.
*    Cone Pulverizer is capable of crushing even non abrasive materials.
*    The production fineness is completely controlled by a whizzer and perforated sieves.
*    Cone Pulverizer is available in both stainless steel and mid steel.
*    The spring safety system of the Cone Crusher acts as an overloading protection system to prevent damage to the Cone Crusher.
*    Cone Pulverizer is available in capacity ranging from 20 kg to 800 kg.

Working Of Cone Pulverizer:
*    When a Cone Pulverizer is running, the motor drives the vibration cone by belt wheel, and makes the cone crushing wall come closer to the mortar rolled on the adjustable bush.
*    Then the materials reach the crushing chamber where they are crushed, impacted, pressed and ground.
*    The powder then drives the crushing cone to run around the cone wheel.
*    The crushing cone leaves the fixed cone from time to time after finishing the crushing and grinding process.
*    The motor is protected by the spring between the supporting bushes.
*    The crushed material is then discharged through the opening at the end.

A Cone Pulverizer is thus, one of the best labor-intensive devices that perform the rigorous task of crushing and grinding materials in virtually no time. It produces crushed material of an extremely fine quality thus justifying its extensive use in the heavy industries.
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