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All About Wheels: Basic Types, Characteristics, and Finishes

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Wheels are the vehicle components that hold the tires and the entire vehicle. The wheels are distinct from tires; the wheels are the cylindrical parts directly connected to the rest of the vehicle, while tires are the inflatable, changeable rubber “wheels.” A car’s wheels need to be incredibly sturdy, especially if the car is a sport utility vehicle.

There are several basic types of wheels. For example, tire rims are assembled wheels distinctive from single, one-piece alloy wheels. On the other hand, alloy wheels are named such because these are made of metal alloys, primarily aluminum and magnesium. However, there are also 100% forged aluminum wheels that are incredibly strong and corrosion-resistant; these are suitable for sport utility vehicles.

Wheels are classified according to size, bolt circle and patterns, and load capacity. The size of the wheel is measured by calculating the diameter of the rim and its width. The bolt circle and bolt patterns depend on how many bolts are needed to attach the wheel to the vehicle; this can affect the mileage and speed of the vehicle. Wheels also vary in load capacity; stronger wheels are built for light trucks like pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and passenger vans.

A finish is applied to the surface of the wheels not just to make it visually appealing, but also to protect it from different elements it is constantly exposed to. The finish contains an incredibly strong paint that cannot be easily tarnished. This way, the finish is the first thing that wears off before the wheels.

Wheels finishes are classified according to the metal they mimic. For example, brushed aluminum finish does not necessarily mean it is made of aluminum, but it does have metallic components. Similarly, the silver finish of Range Rover rims is not made of silver, but its metallic components allow it to give wheels a distinctively smoother-looking appearance.

Gunmetal is a yellowish metallic finish that imitates the bronze alloy it is named after. Gunmetal is a mix of copper, tin, and zinc and is widely used for making guns. Range Rover rims with gunmetal finish look fancy yet tough. This also gives the vehicle a somewhat nostalgic appeal.

There are also black finishes for Range Rover wheels. These are simple and can perfectly complement almost any type or color of vehicle. These rims are strong and sturdy and sport a tough finish that gives any vehicle a classy look. For more information, visit


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