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All You Need to Know About Moving Boxes

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Know the types of moving boxes and what they are used for.


In general, moving boxes and shipping boxes basically have the same weight and quality. Unless you go for the more expensive kinds for heavier packing, which are made out of thicker cardboard, each box shouldn’t weigh more than 50 lbs when packed. Moving boxes are very versatile and can be used again and again. In fact, you can purchase slightly-used moving supplies from grocery stores or from friends who’ve just recently moved.


When choosing, keep in mind that valuable, expensive, or fragile items to be moved should be packed in moving supplies that has the best quality. With that said, purchasing moving supplies all boils down to a combination of its purpose and its cost.


Before you start packing, you should consider the weight of each box. Even if you hired someone to move your things, take note that you may have to carry the boxes from room to room. So you better make sure that you can lift them by yourself. Especially for electronics, there are times when the boxes for moving go over the 50-pound limit, so just try to limit their number to as little as you can.


What are the types of moving boxes and what are they used for?




Maximum Load

Can be used for packing…

1.5 cubic foot moving box


16 x 12½ x 12½ inches

Up to 60 pounds

This box is perfect for packing books, kitchen utensils, and fragile objects, such as lamps, small appliances, or dishes.

3.0 cubic foot moving box


18 x 18 x 16 inches

 Less than 65 pounds

This moving box can safely carry pots and pans, clothing and electronics

4.5 cubic foot moving box


18 x 18 x 24 inches

Up to 65 pounds

A 4.5 cubic foot moving box is good for linens, comforters, larger kitchen appliances, such as a microwave oven, and larger lamps.

6.0 cubic foot moving box


22 x 22 x 21 ½ inches

Less than 70 pounds

Use a 6.0 cubic foot box for packing pillows, thick blankets, or chair cushions. Note: Never over-pack this type of box beyond the load you can carry.

6.1 cubic foot moving box


24 x 18 x 24 inches

Up to 70 pounds

This type of box has a rectangular shape, and can fit thick blankets, comforters and large cushions.

Hanging wardrobe box


May come in various sizes: small, medium and large

Each box comes with its own metal bar, making it easier to transport the clothes in the closet and keep them free from wrinkles.

This box is specially designed for your hanging clothes, but is also great for moving chandeliers or delicate wind chimes.

Lay Down Wardrobe Box


32 x 19 7/8 x 9 inches

Cannot withstand heavy loads. Use for packing clothes only.

Good for gowns, dresses, or any clothing that needs to be folded once only.

Picture and/or Mirror Boxes


Adjustable; Two boxes can be connected to make one longer box.

Cannot withstand heavy loads.

Designed for carrying framed pictures, artwork and mirrors. Note: Be sure to secure ends with strong duct tape or packaging tape.





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