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Amazing Mini Tracker MT88 won the Fourth Global Sources Electronics Design Awards

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<p>The Fourth  Global Sources “Electronics Design Awards” disclosed in Hongkong, October 11, 2010.  New generation personal tracker MT88 under Meitrack brand from Shenzhen Meiligao  Electronics Co., Ltd. won the telecom and wireless product  ‘Electronics Design Awards’.</p>

<p>Global  Sources ‘Electronics Design Awards’ is aimed at commending creative electronics  products in Asia.</p>

<p> The awards  mainly commends four product series:</p>


  <li>Computer   and  network  products</li>

  <li>Consumer electronics</li>

  <li>Security   products</li>

  <li>Telecom and wireless products</li>


<p>Judging  from technical design, feature, functionality, appearance and sales situation,  Judge Committee finally selected 20 products out of 200 shortlisted from Asia  countries including Japan, Korea, China mainland and Taiwan. Shenzhen Meiligao Electronics  Co., Ltd is the only corporation in GPS telecom and wireless field that won  this awards. <br />

  MT88 had  been shown during Oct 13-15, 2010 at the Hongkong Asia World Expo ‘Electronics  Design Awards’ gallery and achieved very positive feedback from visitors.</p>

<p>MT88 is  the leading new generation personal tracker from Meitrack. With fashion and  craft design, MT88 inherits Meitrack series product’s stable quality and precise  GPS locating feature. It is mini, light-weight, long-time standby, and elegant.  Especially, its recessed braille SOS button wholly reflects the humanity of  product design.<br />

Go with  MT88, experience and enjoy safety and humanity.</p>


  <li>SiRF  III and quad-band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz </li>

  <li>Mini  size (49.30mm x 37.80mm x 18.00mm) and weighs only 40g                       </li>

  <li>Recessed  braille SOS button</li>

  <li>Low  power consumption and Long-time standby </li>

  <li>Track  by SMS/GPRS (MEITRACK Protocol) </li>

  <li>Track  by time interval</li>

  <li>Display  location directly on phone</li>

  <li>Listen-in  (voice monitoring)</li>

  <li>Internal  4Mb memory for logging</li>

  <li>Inbuilt  tremble sensor </li>

  <li>Inbuilt  battery </li>

  <li>SOS alarm</li>

  <li>Geo-fence  alarm</li>

  <li>GPS blind  area alarm</li>

  <li>Low  battery alarm</li>

  <li>Speeding  alarm</li>

  <li>Mileage  report</li>



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