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American Green Card Application

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Specifically what is the GreenCard Lottery program?
The U.S.A Govt gives 50k diversity visa cards (“green cards”) each year by way of the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery program also referred to as the “Green Card Lottery Program” “US Visa Lottery Program” or the “US Immigration Lottery Program”). The United States visas are provided by way of the USA Visa Lottery grant permanent residence and also employment history to effective people who are participants in the Green Card Lottery program.

Clients for this particular drawing are often picked at random by a computer developed drawing, For anyone who is identified, both together you as well as your family are actually authorized to reside and perform the job completely in the United States Of America. You can be given an USA visa, but it is essential to register for the Green Card Lottery!

Precisely what are the Advantages of the Green Card Lottery Model?
Efficient contributors of the Diversity Visa Lottery be grateful for all of the favorable aspects and benefits of an USA permanent resident visa, such as all US wellness and USA education positive aspects, and American employment possibilities. Winners from the US Visa Lottery system can certainly become USA citizens if they so wish.

This Lottery offers approximately 50,000 extremely lucky drawing achievers from all over the world USA American visas to reside and get the job done inside the U.S.A. You could sure be one of those fortunate visa lottery winners, this may entitle you to a permanent resident position (GREEN CARD visa status) that will enable both you and your spouse and children ( which are still under age of 21 years old) to live comfortably and perform the job legitimately within the USA.

Who’s Allowed to take part in the US Visa Lottery Program?
Basically every person can certainly participate in the American Green Card Lottery Scheme! The prospects need to achieve a standard set of nationality and former degree or previous work knowledge specifications. You can find no true age limits for every person who wishes to participate and you are able to register for the Green Card Lottery program even when you might be at the moment living inside the US or within a distant foreign country.

Each and every person who has accomplished his elementary education and also his high school education that is certainly proportional towards the identical basic education that performs for 12 years is qualified to apply. Any youngsters below age 21 years old are generally eligible to accompany with their guardians to the U.S.A to keep on with their certain education.

Ineligible Countries
Regarding the DV-2012 Green Card Lottery, citizens from the following nations were not eligible:
India, Haiti, Ecuador, Brazil, Philippines, Poland, China, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Pakistan, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, Peru, Canada, Jamaica, South Korea, El Salvador, Guatemala, Vietnam, Colombia
Individuals born in areas like Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and Taiwan had been eligible. It’s now expected that for DV-2013 program, these boundaries won’t adjust significantly, but there’s no assurance to that.

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