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China vigorously develop the military, in order toCHI Pink Dazzle Flat Iron protect their own interests, and of course for the South China Sea issue, performance is steady, make a lot of people by surprise, I feel that China has reluctantly part, not China not rare South China lost interest, but China has bigger plans, let the South China Sea is China ‘s main interest is the core interest. To make a big country, want the big country, powerful nation back to ancestral glow, then there is no wisdom, is not. Act on impulse in handling things and not from the global strategy to consider, will let the Chinese Renaissance vanish like soap bubbles. Next, the author talks about a few thoughts about the strategy of aircraft carrier:


First, Chinese and Western thinking habits are very different, China used to seek overall situation. Western thinking is linear thinking, on specific things analysis more accurate, therefore, Germany produced a great chemist Curie, another example of German car is the best car in the world, of course, France United Kingdom industry can not be known, but in Germany, Germany can represent the western thinking synthesizer. As everyone knows, the German philosophy is world-class, also produced the great Carle Marx, his mentor, Hagel’s philosophy is well known in the world. This explains the West in its unique way of thinking process has unique advantages. China’s strategy of aircraft carrier will be from their own thinking habits were considered. China and global this bureau would be nothing difficult. While China’s advantage, and where? From the thinking habit of view, Chinese traditional mode of thinking, which belongs to the overall thinking, global thinking, do not pay attention to local, sometimes is fuzzy thinking. China in ancient times had a batch to have the representative ancient study. Spring and autumn and the Warring States period, China all classes of authors thought is an important performance, military representatives” grandchildren strategics”, Han Feizi’s legalist school, Mohist School and so on, <a href=’’>chi hair straightener</a> only the public opinions are divergent. Taoism, for Taoism to” moral” as the representative, the intention to ideographic, what the specific content, each with their own feelings, are not the same. This is from the macro point of view to understand, then link for its own sake. Different thinking have created different national characters. China today’s concept of unity still win support among the people; a small

 <a href=’’>chi flat iron black</a> European country is bristly, and European people’s ideas are inseparable. From the industrial style, to the national construction, are inseparable from the people’s ideas. Chinese aircraft carrier is inseparable from their own concept of dream. 


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