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An overview of A Liquid Chiller

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In most high tech industries, there will be a great need for superior liquid chillers. A liquid chiller is a part of an extensive liquid cooler system that is important to the mechanisms behind the majority of the companies that produce traditionally used products today. These systems are an inclusive element of our manufacturing economy.

In manufacturing, all these chillers provide ongoing chilling of water as well as other kinds of liquids as they run through refrigeration cycles. Some of the industries that rely on these chillers to work with their equipment are the plastics, medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Moreover, in certain circumstances, it is not possible to run ductwork in large buildings and these chillers can be used for air conditioning. Moreover, chillers can be very advantageous when liquids have to be brought to a selected temperature and then cooled very quickly. Two principal types of these chillers are the air cooled or even the water cooled chiller.

The air cooled chiller is best used when there is no access to water to cool down a conventional water cooled chiller. Preferably, air cooled chillers work with a fan to disperse the heat removed from the condenser. They are available in a variety of sizes and with the capability of handling many different situations. Whatever the temperature needs or cooling capacities demanded, these types of units can be both inexpensive and highly regarded. They are even available with the capability to both heat and cool. They are often most useful if the cooling requirements are not too large. Another type of chiller will be the water cooled chiller. Instead of having to use air to dissipate the heat, a water cooled chiller utilizes water to cool down the condenser. These units are often cheaper yet can still be an effective, precise part of a liquid cooler system. They could also be used either indoors or out and can certainly be used to both heat and cool. As with the air cooled units, these types of chillers are readily available in the same range of sizes and features. They are particularly helpful with the handling of special fluids. When comparing units, water cooled chillers are a cost-effective choice when water can be obtained for use within the system.

Therefore, liquid chillers are a major component in manufacturing today. Whether choosing an air cooled or water cooled unit, there are a myriad of choices to choose from depending upon the specific needs required. Factors to be considered when choosing a chiller are access to water, temperature requirements, cooling capacities, and power source. No matter what the type of chiller chosen, they can be a valuable and vital part of any liquid cooling system.

If you are in the market for a liquid chiller, consider contacting Mydax, Inc. They are a quality provider of both air cooled and water cooled units. With decades of experience and proven technology, they could be the answer to all of your chiller manufacturing needs.


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