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An Overview of Dedicated Server Hosting and Colocation Server Hosting

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You might be aware of web hosting; it signifies a specialized kind of service that involves providing virtual space on the World Wide Web (WWW) or the internet in exchange for a rent. Such space is provided to their customers by the web hosting firms, which is used by the customers to run their websites on the internet. These services are provided through specialized computers called web-servers. These computers are so designed that they could receive requests for information from the many users on the net and respond to these requests by supplying the requested information.

Nowadays, dedicated server hosting and colocation server hosting have emerged as two very popular web hosting types. These two hosting types are briefly discussed below.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are quite well-known in the hosting industry these days. Generally, these servers were used by large firms due to the huge costs involved with them, but now as these servers have become affordable owing to the improvements in technology, they have started to be used even by small and medium scale organizations. These servers can comfortably accommodate huge volumes of data due to their virtually unlimited storage space. These servers can be further classified under two categories, viz., Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux Dedicated Servers. Each of these types is appropriate for a certain application area. Usually, if a website is designed  using any of the Microsoft technologies like ASP and .Net and require MS SQL database, in such case windows dedicated server is to be used. In case a website is designed by using PHP and requires My SQL database, it could be hosted through either windows or Linux dedicated server, but it has been seen that the latter is preferred for hosting such sites.

In dedicated server option, a user leases an entire server from a data center firm and uses it as per his requirement. The resources of this server are solely used by the client leasing it and so he gets the privilege to modify hardware, install software applications, and get the operating system as per his preference. Of course, the terms and conditions laid down by the service provider are to be adhered to. If you spend a little more, you may get the managed dedicated server in which add-on services like complete server maintenance, security patch uploading, and back-up and recovery support are also provided.


Colocation Server Hosting

Colocation server hosting is quite similar to the dedicated server hosting option; the basic difference lies in the point that unlike the dedicated hosting, in colocation hosting the client firm has to purchase its own server equipment and associated software and get it installed in a colocation facility of a third party firm. The user has to pay an installation fees to the service provider. The service provider or colocation data center provides colocation hosting services like space, physical security to the server, bandwidth, power supply, and redundant network connectivity. Colocation is a very expensive web hosting solution. It involves initial expenditure on server equipment and software purchase, and later costs need to be incurred on hardware maintenance, software upgrades, security patch upgrades, etc. But, by paying an extra amount, the client would get these services as well from the colocation service provider.

There is neither a good nor a bad hosting option; the thing is which option suits your requirements the most. Both dedicated and colocation hosting are good at their place. Each has it pros and cons, now it’s up to you, which hosting option would you choose. If you want to know more about dedicated server hosting and colocation hosting services, you may visit the website:



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