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An overview on cannabis seeds

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Cannabis seeds have 3 varieties namely cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis. These varieties are mostly found in Central Asia and South Asia. Keeping in the mind the UN Narcotics Convention, varieties containing minimum level of THC are developed. THC stands for tetrahydracannabinol. It is one of the molecules that produce the “feeling high” in marijuana.


  1. Freezer: - The seeds can be placed in an air tight container before putting it in a freezer. But while freezing a few seed start rupturing, so a few seeds will be lost if you choose to put them in a freezer. Therefore freezing is not recommended mostly.
  2. Room temperature: - If you want to store the seeds for a few years maybe around 2 or 3 years, it is advisable to store them at room temperature. The seeds must be placed in an air tight container and the stored I a cool and dark place. However storing seeds will reduce their rate of germination.


The seeds should be put in a wet issue and that tissue should be place in a bowl containing mineral water. Mineral water having a pH value of 6 or 7 is preferable than tap water. The bowl should be covered so that it remains moist. It can be covered with a sheet of plastic and should be checked daily to ensure that it is moist. Temperature of around 25 degrees is preferable for germination. The seed bursts open after a week and roots start growing. Once the roots are visible, you can go ahead and plant the seeds.


The physical difference between the both is that cannabis indica has a short bush and fat leaves whereas cannabis sativa is a tall bush with thin leaves. Cannabis sativa takes a longer time for the germination and flowering process. The yield of sativa is lower than that of indica. Cannabis indica comes from places like Afghanistan, Tibet and Morocco. The indica is a short bushy plant with broad leaves. Sativa plants are longer and have a longer time period in terms of maturing has less chlorophyll. Sativa are found mostly in places like Mexico, Thailand, Colombia and Southeast Asia.


Cannabis seeds are used to create a certain type of oil that is used in paints and lubricants. Cannabis seeds also have medicinal uses for people suffering from glaucoma, multiple sclerosis as well as nausea especially for people undergoing chemotherapy. Hash oil is also produced from cannabis seeds. During the ancient times, cannabis seeds were used to tend to wounds of animals used in the war like horses. Not only animals, but they were used when people suffered from nose bleeds as well.


The most reliable place to buy cannabis seeds are through the internet. There are many websites present through which one can purchase decent quality of cannabis seeds at comparatively cheaper rates.

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