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Android app development – A technology for all.

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What is the use of a technology that all humans cannot afford? iPhone and iPad, for example, represent an exclusive form of technology; however, not all people in the world are able to buy these devices. But they can easily buy phones and tablet PCs powered by Android OS. Many believe that iPhone and iPad are some overly hyped devices, with nothing special in them that Android phones and tablets do not have. Billions of users are using Android devices wholeheartedly, but Apple is still not lacking at any place to project its technology as The Best in the world.  Maybe it is the game of existence and survival, because it feels awkward when Apple repeatedly proclaims that its devices are better than others.

When we talk about Android, the story is imperfect without mentioning Android application development. For now, Android development is the hottest business for most mobile software developers. They have more projects for Android development than others, such as iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

There are a number of advantages associated with Android apps development. The major one is its openness. The openness is in fact a boon for Android as it has allowed the OS to hold 60 percent share of the global smartphone market. It worked like an invitation that said to mobile manufacturers – “come and use me, I am free and customizable.” As an open source OS, It attracted several hundred mobile manufacturers that did not have good platforms for their devices. It is the same operating system that helped Samsung to surpass Apple. Samsung is now World’s No.1 mobile manufacturers, and its credit fairly goes to Android.

With increasing popularity of the operating system, hundreds of thousands Android developers have cropped up. And some of them seriously have deep focus on quality and expertise. They have concluded a number of milestone Android development projects.

Preferring Android apps development over other platforms is quite beneficial. It reaches to a large user-base. Developing an app for a larger demography is naturally advantageous as more people will download and use it and turn into prospects. Android developers are also building web based apps because many businesses want to show up their websites on mobile devices. Web based apps are also playing a crucial role.

Today, users have more than half million Android apps on Google Play. Think a purpose and there are apps for it. The OS has lots of features, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, camera, touch screen, accelerometer, 2G and 3G network support, 2D and 3D graphics, expendable memory and others. Together with these features it supports any sort of applications built for entertainment, personalization, education, references, utility-tools, lifestyle, brain puzzle, travel and local, music, audio, business, etc.


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