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Anime secret: you do not know one piece mysterious details

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” One piece” is a Japanese cartoon industry sales big boss. Although there is no” Conan” 17 years of a long time, but so far, the sea poacher has continued for 15 years. In this time of 15 years, more and more people are a sea poacher of the kind described friendship touched.

Then, as a qualified sea poacher confuses you,One Piece Cosplay is it right? Some inadvertently missed and pay no attention to the important details?

The Now, time is up! All the fans, are you ready?!

In addition to the Thorpe and Robin, the straw hat pirates group of 6 other partners are offered in the road to fly, and the 6 men refused to pass by to fly, just as Robin and black Thorpe” cosplay wigs renegade” the straw hat pirates group for a period of time.

It is proved that a profound truth — each joined the straw hat pirates group child paper you have to experience some twists and turns. Even now, no experience, later also will experience!

According to the modern state distribution:

The road flies is a Brazilian; America is Dutch ( people’s arm tattoo windmill you want to! ) Long is the Japanese; cable ( a cable long childhood stayed in the dojo all understood ); Shan Zhi is French ( the romantic nature … ) Joe is a Canadian; Robin; Russian; French is an American ( or the Super character ); Brook Austria ( music. ).

So that the road flies to the pirates on board together is talents from all over the world!

One piece in the world universal calendar is the calendar” circle”, the road flying adventure time is in the 1500-1600 this time.

Although some people think that sea poacher wing world quite powerful. Science and technology is obviously quite developed, but no one thought about what the invention of car train … … Really two dimensional low carbon environmental protection?

Anime secret: you do not know one piece mysterious details


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