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Answering How Can I Last Longer with Q & A

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How I can last longer? Does this question frequently cross your mind? If it does, chances are good that you are experiencing what doctors call premature ejaculation. Thank goodness there are some tricks and tips that you can use to stamp out PE once and for all. We aim to ask and answer the most common how can I last longer in bed questions in this article.


How Can I Last Longer with Breathing Methods? Some men swear by this breathing method for how last longer. Basically, it involves you breathing in as deeply as you can. Then hold your breath while making love and count to ten slowly in your mind. Then exhale and keep repeating the process throughout the duration of sex.


How Can I Last Longer in bed with the Squeeze? The squeeze method is as tried and as true as it gets. Let’s say that you are having sex and you feel yourself getting too close, too early. Stop having sex. Gently grab the shaft of you penis and apply light amounts of pressure to induce increased circulation. Then resume having sex.


How Can I Last Longer with Sexual Aids? Well the best ones are lubes that you can use to numb the tip of your penis prior to having sex. These will decrease sensitivity on your penis tip so that you can last longer each and every time. You can also try using thicker condoms to accomplish the same goal. Or you can even use a penis ring to increase circulation – or all three together for the best results.


How Can I Last Longer with Prosexuals? Prosexuals are the surest bet for how to last longer answers. For example, they pump your body with key sexual nutrients that help you to last longer than ever before. By increasing sexual nutrients vital to stamina, these supplements are a natural and affordable, discreet and nonprescription premature ejaculation solution.


How Can I Last Longer with Antidepressants? Some doctors have reported that patients of theirs that did not know how last longer and who started taking antidepressants demonstrated strong success rates of nearly 70% or higher with treating premature ejaculation. They could work for you, too.


How do I Last Longer in bed with Stop and Start? Stop and start is as easy as it gets for how last longer answers. You simple stop having sex if you get close. Take a few moments to breathe and cool off. Then begin sex again. This way, you can make your lover reach climax before you do.


How Can I Last Longer with Pelvic Exercises? Pelvic exercises for men, also called the male kegel, are an easy answer for how last longer. You simply squeeze or crunch your pelvic muscles and rectum closed tightly while thrusting during sex and then release. This increases circulation so you can combat premature ejaculation.



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