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Anti SPAM Software

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SPAM is only the e-mail messages which are directed to a volume of email addresses for private function. These emails are the unwanted ones which come into our Inbox and make it difficult for us to sort out our useful mails. A SPAM might include viruses, bugs or any such application program that could be unsafe to our Computers – Operating System and also other applications/programs.

You can prevent such emails entering into your inbox by installing anti-spam software that is available for free on the internet. Quite regularly used Anti-SPAM Softwares are – e-Trust Anti-Spam (mainly utilized for MS Outlook and also Outlook Express to prevent SPAM from heading into our Inbox and also getting mixed with our important emails), Spam shield (deals with 99% of our junk mails and also is simple to install), Choice Mail One (integrates with our MSN, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail account and also enables us to import our contact list for approval), Spam Bully (it makes use of the mechanism of Allow and Block List to differentiate between our useful and also unnecessary emails and also has a unique feature of auto-delete to clear the spam automatically rather than sending it to some other folder), Spam Eater (checks our mailbox after every ten minutes and also has no installing procedure thus making it simple to fix).
With the help of anti-spam software, the useful emails are filtered and the unwanted or suspicious emails are sent into the spam folder as the software is designed to detect the SPAM emails. An Anti-SPAM Software ought to be fixed in our PC to guard it from viruses, bugs, etc. If it is installed directly into the mail server we will never get to see the unwanted mails in our Inbox. Countless Internet Service Providers have maintained a blacklist of some spam senders believed to be as the spammers in order that the blacklisted spam senders will be conveniently detected and also not allowed into your inbox.
Main features of an Anti SPAM software should include blocking mails by checking the specific addresses, subject lines and messages within the mails, automatic updating of the filters, isolation of spam outside our inbox by putting useful emails into our safe list by monitoring multiple email accounts.
Anti-Spam software ought to be the one which gives us privacy. Here are several benefits of installing anti-spam software: -
o It avoids the unnecessary emails by checking the subject lines, text in the email messages and also the senders email addresses.
o The anti-spam software is upgraded from time to time by the anti-spam software company due to its built-in filtering feature.
o It allows us to create our personal customized filters.
o It quarantines the unwanted emails for about 30 days and then dumps them.
o It allows us to maintain a safe list of some individuals whose mails dont get into the spam list and thereby are averted from being thought as a spam.
o With the help of this software, you can check and delete the unwanted emails and by sorting out your private and useful emails, you are also able to filter you emails from several accounts.
o It has a feature that helps us to report the spam in order that the anti spam software making company makes new filters by analyzing the reported spam.
There are many anti spam softwares available like Windows Registry Cleaner, Anti Spyware and Anti Adware, etc…

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