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Working with the aim of assisting organizations in providing the best AML (Anti Money Laundering) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CFT) training to their staff,  has emerged as the world’s first online, on- demand compliance video portal. The portal contains videos for use by AML professionals in their staff training programmes and can be easily accessed via a range of flexible and great value subscriptions. As a fast growing online library, the portal provides round-the-clock access to an ever-expanding range of broadcast quality training videos.

Whether we talk of the latest HSBC money laundering case or any of the previous cases that have highlighted the failure of some of the world’s leading financial institutions to manage their anti money laundering responsibilities effectively, , the threat posed by money laundering remains as grave as ever. Even though most countries now have strict anti-money laundering laws in place, the laundering of money continues in all parts of the world.. As estimated by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the figure for  the amount of money laundered annually stands somewhere between US$2 Trillion to $3 Trillion. Of this,  law enforcement agencies are able to interdict  less than 1%  (around $170 Million). Clearly, these figures  demonstrate  that the international community, and the financial sector in particular, still has a long way to go in the fight against  money laundering.

While it is important to introduce strong anti-money laundering policies and controls, the importance of providing the best financial crime training both to staff and to the AML professionals who oversee the corporate AML effort cannot be underestimated. The wide range of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing training videos available at can help to super-charge in-house training programmes in organizations committed to building a compliance culture  and can help raise  awareness levels amongst staff to new heights.  Anti-money laundering, countering terrorist finance, anti-bribery & corruption and fraud awareness are some of the major topics covered under the videos available at the portal. The samples can be easily viewed at the portal and the videos can be subscribed to via a range of flexible subscription packages.

The online AML training videos available at the portal can be used both in live training sessions and webinars and remotely at peoples’ desktops, with full user access tracking and testing available either via the organization’s own Learning Management System (LMS) or via the vendor, Lessons Learned Ltd’s, own LMS.  The anti money laundering compliance videos available at the portal can meet the requirements of both small firms with specific needs as well as global organizations. With rich and engaging video content and low, flexible fee options, the AML and CFT videos available at the portal are one of the best ways to make  AML and CFT training lively, engaging and accessible .

As suggested by a recent report by the Council of Europe on alleged money laundering in the Vatican City State, there is a need for greater vigilance and tighter controls. But there still remains a long way to go.  In the UK and elsewhere in the world, money laundering regulations and laws will only get you so far. Beyond that, those laws and regulations need to be effectively and consistently implemented to a high standard. Availing themselves of the services offered by will, for many organizations, be a step in the right direction.



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