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Anything Abnormal This Way Shows Up

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Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single prance. Something wicked is coming this way. And it is coming fast. We call it the crowd. The social crowd. It was all created from the social network. Capital formation is being raised in new ways today.

Because everything is humanly networked, things move faster on the Internet. Twitter takes down countries, war criminals like Kony are looked for via YouTube, and companies are forming faster and cheaper because of the social network. Everybody is on linkedin and most people on planet Earth have a Facebook account. Technology has connected the globe.

Another thing that has happened is cell phones have dropped in price. You can get a better, faster cheaper, cell phone with more capabilities. The capabilities more powerful than previous generations. People are walking around with mini laptops in their pocket now. People are driving in their car updating their Facebook or checking e- mails on their phone. The mobile phone has connected everyone, everywhere, and at all times. The social network is bigger and more tightly integrated that before. The biggest reason is the cell phone.

Now that the human network is built, people are much more connected. The power of the network is taking capital formation to the next level. The next level is the social network capital formation. Most people are calling it crowdfunding. It is very new at this moment. Recently, a startup video game raised over $1.2 million on kickstarter in a few days. That is phenominal news and just showing the power of the crowd.

This new trend is changing things. It’s changing the marketplace and the way businesses are started. The wicked crowd is coming. If it is not here already it is coming. And it may come to a theater near you. This time around it is not a Disney movie.

Crowdista Fundistica authors about the monetary markets and 403b contribution limits . She also writes about some of the 403b retirement plan topics of the week. On her time off she jogs on the seafront and does Yoga.


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  • Posted On March 20, 2012
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