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Arabic-The Holy Language

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Marhabbah signifies the greet which means “Hello” in the language of Quran and the word belong to the Arabic which is one of the purest and the oldest language and had always been considered as a language to connect with the supreme power by billions of the Muslim across the world . It is the main source of knowledge in ancient times. The word Quran itself comes from the Arabic word iqra which means “to read “.
You must be able to learn the Muslim language is the primary source of communication in Middle East and Arab states and is spoken by more than 320 million people around the different corner of the world. A unique script written from right to left and is the basic requirement to understand the holy Quran to its peak. Learning the Muslim language requires concentration is very poetic in nature and its followers make all efforts to learn it. 6th highest speaking language which has altogether 28 alphabets and few vowels to learn in order to excel it .
As Muslims has many languages to speak from, basically depends upon the origin nation of the person or the country they belongs to. The holy language has highest number of followers who considers it as an only language to connect to Allah. It hardly matters among the Muslims from where they belongs to as for them knowing Arabic is the proud feeling and the only way to connect to God.
Every Muslims tries to offer 5 time’s daily prayer to God in which all the alphabets are from their learning the Muslim language Arabic which in turn ensures some Arabic knowledge for everyone who prays. The language of Quran spread the message of One God with many followers. The word Quran stands for “peace” in Arab and spread love and mercy against hate and Hypocrisy. 
The Arabic is a Semitic language related to Hebrew and Aramaic. History of this language goes back and talks about Prophet Muhammad’s have used the holy language Arabic as a language to write the great Quran. 
Different types of Arabic languages are:-
1.       Classical Arabic
2.       Modern Arabic
3.       Colloquial Arabic
You must learn the Muslim language in Arabic, it is very influential in nature as its words are borrowed and are part of the dictionaries of more than 20 languages from different part of the world. It has been taught worldwide mainly in Muslim country in order to promote the God’s own language. At least the basic of Arabic should be learned by every individual to gain something out of the holy Quran.
Although it may be considered difficult to learn the Muslim language and that is the sufficient reason to justify why only 15% of world total Muslim populations speak Arabic. Since understanding Arabic is so important to get the maximum benefit out of Quran and it also helps one in understanding the culture and the society of many Muslim nations across the world.
So kindly rejoice the beautiful language to its fullest and pay tribute to Allah by learning this language.


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