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Art interest and social psychology

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Art activities finally a link, is the art to accept. In art accept, art interest problem is a core problem. Art interest is not only related to the art of accept power, and related to accept the aesthetic effect art process, but also related to the nature of art to accept. In other words, only interested in art can lead readers, the viewer into to be full of artistic activities, only interested in art can fully make readers and viewers fully enjoy the charm of art, art only interesting high, can decide to accept the nature of art of health. This chapter will discuss art taste the characteristics, function and system, art interest and social psychological interactions, and the optimization of the art taste and healthy social psychological cultivate the relationship.


One of the interesting art features, functions and system


As we all know, interesting this phrase is the immediate sense, it is to point to the kind of feeling. The most commonly said is of taste, the taste is sweet and salty, acid, bitter, astringent, hot, namely person through their own taste organs, the object for what taste evaluation, or have no taste. This is physiological taste, people from diet to pleasant or unpleasant experience, is a diet of physiological orientation. Then the physiological directional, extended to the physiological directional, performance to a way of life, for some object, a cause of love can’t help and love, which is a more general interest. If this interest active in art aesthetic activities, and then this interesting become the artistic interest or aesthetic interest. Art in the analogy with taste interest generated, it is to point to people in the long-term of the art accept (of course also includes creation) formed in the experience of the aesthetic psychology directional, it often seem to be some kind of works of special favour. For example someone love poetry rules, someone like free verse, some people prefer comedy, some people prefer tragedy, and so on, this is caused by the different art taste.

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The characteristics of artistic interest can say in a paradox.


On one hand, “like any mental orientation, aesthetic interest inevitable is subjective. Because interest standard in one’s individual experience formed.” Subjectivity, random form, not compulsive is art taste an important characteristic. Latin proverb cloud: “interest no argument”. Ancient Chinese scholar-officials “embrace tastes · has wide” cloud: “listen to George Bush, view with hate difficult.” Modern proverb says: “every man has his hobyhorse.” Chinese and foreign these proverbs, and an old saying, saying all recognizes art taste subjectivity and the characteristics of freedom. Different art interest of the people prefer different types of work, is to the same book, personal love can also be different. The new ShiShui recorded by a small story: XieAnYou once asked disciple: “‘ what MAO poetry ‘best words?” XieXuan answer: “yesterday I toward, YangLiuYiYi; today I think, through the rain and snow to.” XieAn you don’t agree with, and said: “destiny, particularly a etymologic far You Calvin against have still how.” Two people’s interest completely different, so the same part of the “book of songs” GeYouSuoAi also. Such numerous examples. Art taste of subjectivity, is the art of accept between subjects and objects in a special affinity, harmony, accept main body automatically by the object of traction, enter a kind of aesthetic state of ecstasy, without any external force. Where lu xun once said: “looking choices, is not out of the compulsory, if he don’t see, connect drag it is.” Lu xun’s remarks show that fun is not forced, is free. Interesting subjectivity and freedom that art activities become a kind of infinite accept long and broad activities, as HeErCen said: human generations, each in his own way to read Homer. In fact, of all the world’s great work of art, people can with the art taste reading down forever. So, the subjectivity of the art taste and freedom is how to shape? This question is easy to answer. The art of the need for fun is closely related, different need to lead to different art tastes. But the different needs of people and how arise? Produce different needs reasons are: 1, born of experience is different; 2, the different culture; Three, the character is different; 4, aesthetic experience different; 5, values of different; 6, the age is different; And so on. These are easy to understand, this not in-laws. On the whole, art interest as people accept the psychological art activities directional, is subjective and free, it is indisputable.


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