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Asian wedding designer to teach you how to choose a wedding dress

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The selection of wedding dresses, brides excited but Brautkleider also a headache, seems to have the magic of a wedding, people lose the ability to choose. How the mass wedding dress for that one? The Xiaobian This tells you how to select the wedding dress neckline to.Bra-style collarBra-style neckline is a large proportion of the wedding dress. She can bride delicate skin exposed, revealing the sexy collarbone and Xiangjian with amazing skirt, basically it is the first choice of brides.Good for: Bra style is best for the bosomy bride. Bra collar can be a very good display of chest lines highlight the feminine. Clavicle clear brides choose Bra neckline wedding dress, is correct. The wide shoulders of the bride can also choose to Bra-style transfer of attention to the broad shoulders.Not suitable: a small bust of the bride, is not suitable for Bra-style neckline wedding dress, simple design will make the breast shape at a glance. However, there are many adjustable underwear, you can help the bride to solve this problem. Bust too big brides are not for the Bra-style collar. Xiao Bian is not recommended to the invisible belt, wearing Tee dress and no underwear with the support of such a bride may occur to the chest to fall down the visual sense, and very affecting appearance. Arm thick of the bride is not appropriate.

Code the heart-shaped collarThe heart-shaped collar because Günstige Brautkleider the shape resembles a heart-shaped, the upper part, also known as Ji Xinling. This collar than Bra neckline bare more skin, and eyes focus on the chest. The heart-shaped to obtain a natural arc and make the bride and neck look more slender.Suitable for: heart-shaped neckline for a more sexy bride, of course, the fullness is necessary, in order to prop up the wedding.Not suitable for: Bra-style, too thin bride is not suitable for heart-shaped collar. Bra style is different, you can be in the hands and feet, Tee dress looks plump; heart-shaped collar dress, not so convenient. The heart-shaped collar low, the middle one is not careful, it will allow you to do the hands and feet emerged, especially from the side, more pronounced. Fat sensual bride is not suitable for the heart-shaped collar, underarm flesh income into the dress, the card will be very ugly on the outside. Remember Remember.
Card shoulder neckline

Hours wearing a skirt, like the tape line and two on the die Besten Brautkleider shoulders to the shoulder, I feel so much like the Disney animated princess wanted a lot of bride’s childhood. This is the card the shoulder wedding. The neckline ride below the shoulders, sleeves cover the upper arm, collarbone and shoulders exposed. Like dew in the non-exposed, sexy glance.Suitable for most brides: Card shoulder-style neckline, the shoulder part of the need to slightly adjust the height up and down with the bride. Chest middle of the bride wearing a the Card shoulder neckline wedding dress, very beautiful.Having said that, is not no fat bride can wear a wedding dress? Of course not, the the Xiaobian following described packet shoulder style, it is for fat bride wearing the shoulder to make a short “sleeves”, only wrapped up the shoulder, this is the package shoulder wedding dress neckline.Good for: upper arm coarse bride, a suitable package shoulder. Will shoulder blocking the exposed collarbone, both to make up for the shortcomings of the body, can serve as sexy.Not suitable for: slip the shoulder of the bride to wear a shoulder bag wedding will have a “can not contain visual effects. The bride and shoulders too wide to wear the shoulder bag style, will build the defects clearly demonstrated.
Square-neck collar and

Raozhi the back of the neck like a lot of bikini straps, this Brautkleider günstig is around the neck, this collar style is more common in evening dress.Suitable for: around the neck collar for broad shoulders bride. The bandage will be close to the neck, shoulder width cut into several parts, each part of the narrowing in the visual, the shoulders will look a lot of symmetry.Not suitable: suitable for broad shoulders, naturally not suitable for the narrow shoulders of the bride. Ditto, narrow shoulders are more narrow, the number of ugly.
Small round collarSmall round neck is elegant representative of shallow neckline reminiscent of a Chanel suit. Compared to the complex shape, the more simple dress more challenges to the temperament of the bride. Bride to have a good temperament, small round neck wedding dress will have vitality.Good for: small round collar is absolutely necessary temperament of the bride, bride of temperament, do not try, otherwise it looks like back to the very “village”.Not suitable: a large chest of the bride wearing a small round to understand people feel the upper body bloatedV-neckV-neck, that is, deep


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