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Ask a Personal Injury Law Expert – Something About Dog Bites

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There are almost 75 million dogs residing in the United States as of the moment and cases of dog bites are here from time to time. The more dogs the whole country has, the more instances of dog bites occur. In the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there is an approximate amount of 4.5 million dog bite cases each year.

Tell you more about dog bites

Once you have been bitten by a dog, the health risks are very high. The more dogs society has, the greater the risks. Children between 5-9 are the ones who’ve the greatest risk of getting dog bites mainly because these are the ages of taking pleasure in your childhood.

First aid tips for dog bites

The moment you or your relative have been bitten by a dog, listed here are several of the dog bite home cures and first aid tips that you might want to do:

1.    Using clean and fresh water, wash the wound extensively with soap preferably anti-bacterial soap. Ensure that you wash the nearby area likewise.

2.    Cover the wound with a sterile wound dressing. If the bleeding is severe, try and lift the wound and employ direct pressure to discharge blood. If bleeding is unmanageable make sure that you have called an ambulance or ideally bring the individual to the nearest dog bite clinic or hospital.

3.    If the risk of infection is getting higher, or the wound looks major, seek medical advice quickly. The professional might request you to get anti rabies vaccination as soon as feasible to avoid further complications.

Precisely how does your personal injury law expert help you on dog bite cases?

Every state has rules on dog bites and every dog bite laws differ from state to state. There are three kinds of dog bite laws that has been widely regulated and followed all throughout the different states of the US.

1.    Strict liability laws – if you and your personal injury lawyer originated from the states of California, New Jersey and Ohio. This is actually the same law that your states are regulating, strict liability states that you simply as a dog owner are responsible for every bite that your dog makes. However, there are few restrictions for trespasser, veterinarians and if someone has provoked the dog for example hitting it with a stick or any kind of material that may make the dog angry.

2.    One bite laws – if you and your personal injury lawyer came from Texas or Virginia, here is the same law that your state is putting into action. This law declares that your dog gets one “free bite” and you’ll be accountable for the second and the subsequent bites he’s will make.

3.    Negligence – All of the states implement this law as well. This means that you as a dog owner can be held accountable for the injuries your neglect acts bring about. When it comes to dog bites, you can be held accountable if you let your dog run freely and has bitten an individual. You can be also be held accountable if you know that your dog is extra excited and you didn’t make any responsible acts regarding it, or your fence isn’t secure enough that your dog has injured someone.


You have to take into account that as soon as you’ve adopted a pet, be it a dog or a cat or whichever animal it is, you can be held responsible for anything that he will do. Much like having a kid, you will probably be held responsible for everything that he will be doing. Keep in mind that as an owner you’ve to build up the discipline in your dogs in order that dog bite cases such as these won’t ever happen.

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