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Ask people to help you spread your message

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Meet Ella. Ella is a marketer in New York. She has an event to promote, and needs to make sure that she fills up the seats or maximizes visitors. After she has sent her tweets, Facebook status updates and emailed her friends and business contacts, she still can’t seem to fill up the seats.

Often, event organizers’ Event promotion are limited by the number of people they could reach directly through their mailing list, twitter followers, Facebook friends, etc. Otherwise they have to spend money in advertising trying to reach their indirect contacts.

Unfortunately, advertising doesn’t work very well for events, because when it comes to event promotion, the event producer is the less influential in people decision to attend. In reality, it’s the event endorsers who have the power and the ability to draw the biggest part of the attendees.

The more endorsers you can mobilize for your event Product promotion, the faster you’ll reach your target audience. Endorsers are the backbone of any successful event promotion.

But, how could Ella get hundreds of endorsers for here event now?

Ella doesn’t have a big rolodex, and no direct connection to influential bloggers and journalists. Furthermore, all other promotional actions require a lot of time to be effective.

Ella was running out of time, when a friend told her about Goodbuzz. Ella posted her event on Goodbuzz; offered $500 tips to people to help her spread the message.

The results were instant. Hundreds of people visited the event page and spread her message to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and by email. In less than 48hours, her event sold out. Ella is Happy!

It worked, because nowadays 75% of people discover new things because another person has shared them with them.

Francis is one of the people who helped Ella. At the end of the campaign, Francis received eight dollars and fifty cents for the leads generated for Ella. Francis is Happy!

The time he spent finding and sharing is rewarded.

When traditional methods have failed you, give Goodbuzz a try. It is easy to use, safe for brands, affordable, and delivers better music promotion results faster.

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