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Asro Interiors: A Synonym to Lifestyle Furnishing.

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Asro Interiors has become a synonymous name, in lifestyle furnishing. Providing all the necessary items of decor, the company promises to deliver all your needs, at cost effective prices. You name it and they have it. Right from curtains to blinds to wallpapers, the company provides high quality services and goods for your housing and official needs. Another service provided by the company, is known as window tinting. The service serves several purposes. Starting from safety to protecting an individual from the UV rays, this procedure is really handy. It is also used for the very purpose of decoration at times in several homes.

The service mitigates a good amount of visible light, thereby, prohibiting the ultra violet rays from coming inside the window. The solar radiation is converted to the infrared radiation, after a process of dying. The prototype of the same service or products has been modernized. The ceramic window films, available in the market are generally nonmetallic in nature and do not encapsulates dyes, which are a major reason for the discoloration that generally tend to happen. The metallic windows are generally more expensive than the usual ones but can also protect almost 50% of more light, from coming inside the window. The science of these products needs to be understood, before the consumer actually goes on procures the product. As mentioned earlier, the product serves several purposes. Depending upon the use and utility of the product, the consumer can go to the market and demand the kind of product, which he or she wants. At times, the security films are also applied to glasses, in order to prevent them from breaking. The different variants of the same film, like the graphic films are generally frosted or colored vinyl. The size of the window pane, the thickness of the glass and the absorptance feature needs to be kept in mind, before buying the films, since, not all kinds of films are made up of glasses. The phenomenon of iridescence is also popular with such films. This generally tends to happen at night, when the source of light, within the compound of the building, is fluorescent in nature. The most adept way of preventing this from happening is by using another or an alternative source of lighting to the fluorescent lightning.

Could you ever imagine that a product, as small as a glass film, could have so many intricacies attached to it? So is the case with the other products like office blinds and vinyl flooring as well. This where companies like Asro Interiors comes into play. They give you a detailed idea about the whole product and implement the best resources at your place, which would suit your needs. The company’s website also gives a fair amount of idea about different kinds of products, advertised on its website. To know more about the different products and services of the company, log on to and get started with remodeling of your properties with Asro Interiors today!


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  • Posted On June 13, 2012
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