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Astrology Cycles and How We Can Use Them To Bring Out Inner Power

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There are several cycles throughout the year where relationships tend to be more strenuous than normal. A healthy relationship that consists of a strong friendship, love, trust, and similar interests will overcome these astrological transitions while other relationships will inevitably fall apart.

The first step is for you to find out where your Venus is in the astrology chart. You can find this by looking at a chart or speaking with an expert, look up the year, month and day. After you find the Venus sign you will be able to see the degree and the astrology sign that your Venus is in.

The most challenging cycle that everyone will experience at one time or another is the Pluto transit to your Venus. When you are going through this cycle your relationship will experience a major shift because that is what Pluto demands. This can be a time period of divorce. New relationships are often formed during this time period while old ones diminish. If you start a relationship during a Pluto transit it will be very karmic and based more on attraction than anything else. This can lead to long term problems. If this is a relationship that you are looking to save you will need to look deep inside your psyche and let go of anything that is not in sync with your being.

In astrology the term “transited” is when one planet is making an aspect to another. When Saturn is gliding across your Venus you may feel lonely or dismissed, and want to make changes in the relationship to make it better. When your Venus is being transited with a Saturn transit, every circumstance within your relationship will feel impossible and troubling. When Saturn is conjunct to your Venus it is the beginning of a new 29 year cycle to bring happiness into your life. (Venus Saturn return) Marriages can start or end under this influence. The best way to handle a Saturn transit without feeling too scared or depressed is to meditate and get in touch with your inner true core. Feeling peace within will recognize the transient nature of life. Remind yourself that this too shall pass as you move through this transition period. There will be a lot of work that needs to be done on your part to take responsibility for the relationship.

When Venus is under the influence of Uranus your relationship can be disrupted in a negative way. If your life is all of a sudden shaken up then you are most likely a Uranian influence. Uranus is the planet that symbolizes sudden and unusual events. Uranus transits can manifest in all types of ways. A serious illness could effect a partner in the relationship. Someone from the past can suddenly show up good or bad. Jolting you out of a comfort zone forcing you out of comforting habits giving you the opportunity to take up new hobbies and focus on self improvement. This is also a good time to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Building a support system will allow you to feel more at peace with yourself. A sudden move to another state for work or family could be a positive change even if it does not feel like it at the time. Embrace all change while being true to your core values.

Understanding the different cycles and patterns that astrology gives us on the way help us immensely understand our life. Cycles change more often than not and most are positive if we understand how they relate to our lives. Relationships keep our hearts loving. When we have an understanding of the changes that are happening we are able to stand strong in our inner power.

Astrology is a very powerful tool to help you navigate life’s great changes. You are missing out on being able to use your astrological energy if you do not use the tools and resources given to you.

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  • Posted On December 28, 2011
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