Medical professionals all over the world tend to spend a lot of time providing health care facilities to the people in order to give them a certain quality of life. At Dragon Medical Practice, you can do this in a fast fashion and thus changing the lives of many more people. With us, you not only save time but also tend to utilize Practicethe time in a more productive manner than ever. At Dragon Medical Practice, you tend to constantly upgrade yourself in order to give others a better chance at life while earning a substantial amount for yourself as well.

How does the solution work at Dragon Medical Practice?

You must be wondering how is it possible to cure more number of people than you are treating at the moment. Well, here is the answer. The unique Windows®- based EHR (electronic health record) is a speech recognition solution which is 3 times faster in its work. Therefore at Dragon Medical, this is used in order to help medical practitioners to expedite the delivery of work with an amazing accuracy. The EHR (electronic health record) helps you to navigate at a pace to view the results of the tests and then dictate the prescription. The software helps not only with the prescription but also with the emails and myriad other medical correspondences. In fact, the latest edition is fifteen times more precise and faster than the earlier version of Dragon medical 10. The Solution translates the speech in a faster way to ensure that more and more patients are served. This is done at a speed which is three times faster than the normal software. This is the most preferred choice of many clinicians. In fact, this is an ideal thing to invest upon in a scenario, wherein, there is less number of physicians but the foot fall is quite heavy.

Reasons for popularity:

Apart from being faster, there are diverse reasons for Dragon Medical being so popular which are enumerated below:

• You can spend more time with your patients with a high degree of precision and fewer errors. This will eventually affect the patient’s satisfaction and more and more people will come for consultation.

• The solution has over 60 languages in its vocabulary in Dragon Medical. Therefore, you are at complete ease to use your own language and comfortably dictate the prescription. The translation will be done faster and absolutely accurate leaving no scope or room for errors at all.

Dragon Medical Practice is indeed a sure shot way to ensure that not only you but also your patients are satisfied with the services delivered and other aspects of it. Accurate diagnosis and proper advice are the best way to treat your patients. Enjoy serving the patients and the myriad other benefits attached with it. Happy Diagnosis!

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the first solution from Nuance Healthcare designed for use not by only doctors but also nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, and other care providers for use in small-mid-sized physician practices.


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