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Attributes of the Best International Schools

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International Schools are trending in this modern age of education. Educators in India are leaving behind the traditional methods of teaching. International Schools are gradually taking over the education sector. Their syllabi are that of international boards, and the faculty and culture are global in nature. The global perspective always works for children whose parents are expatriates. Nevertheless, do not be mistaken by schools that offer curriculum for International Schools. If is school offers British, Canadian, or American curriculum, then it doesn’t become an International school. An actual International School is the one that offers an IB (International Baccalaureate) or an IGCSE (the international component of the British GCSE) curriculum. International Schools in India offer IB, IGCSE, and ICSE curriculums all combined.

In spite of the IB curriculum trend in India, parents are still in a quandary for the same. If you are determined and are prepared to spend for your child, then you can rest assured that an International school is the every bit worthwhile. In comparison to the local boards and their traditional teaching methods, the International Schools seem to be the heaven of the new age students. International schools in India are the microcosm of globalism, but build on the basic values of Indian culture. Innovative methods of teaching and extracurricular activities are carried out at these schools. When the students have passed out from here, they become eligible to get admission in all big universities worldwide.

Some of the best international schools are also one the tops schools in Mumbai. Maximum number of International schools offers the IB or International Baccalaureate curriculum as it is an internationally recognized curriculum. Mostinternational colleges and universities consider the IB curriculum as one of their criteria for their entrance procedures. International Schools in Mumbai are mostly located in the outskirts, and have lush green environs, both in and around the campus. Lush green spaces like hill stations are apt for students to enjoy their academics as well as the wide range of extracurricular activities that they are involved in. To broaden their horizon, students are exposed to ‘n’ number of outdoor activities and allowed time for their hobbies too.

Finding the right and the best International school for your child may seem to be a painstaking task initially, but as and when you start looking for answers to a few questions you may find that it is a much easier procedure. Knowing the accreditation awarded to the school, the background, activities conducted, calendar it follows, the food served at the school, transportation, and the adaptability of the school environment are few things that are mandatory to find out about an International School.

The best International Schools always have a website. So, to know more about them you can always go to their webs pages and go through all the details available. In cases you are an NRI then you may have a word about it with those whose kids are already in international schools. That’s one way of finding out the best International Schools in Mumbai. Do not worry about choosing the most suitable for your child; there is one for all your requirements.


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