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New hope in Alzheimer’s battle

Finding a cure for Alzheimer’s would rank as one of mans greatest scientific achievements. It’s a disease that up till now has baffled doctors, but a team of Swedish scientists claim to have made a huge breakthrough in the Alzheimer’s battle.

Elderly carers to be given respite holidays

Looking after young children can be exhausting at the best of times, but millions of parents now find themselves looking after elderly relatives at the same time. This growing problem is causing so much concern government ministers are now considering introducing respite holidays for elderly carers.

What Is Palliative Care

Using the growing trends globally to pay attention to quality of existence, together with governmental guidelines to improve the standard of existence, palliative care is just a natural offshoot of the movement.

Deputy Mayor praises ANA Coffee morning

There are many scare stories that can often cause anxiety for people. The coffee mornings offer the chance for people to express their concerns, and to hopefully gain some reassurance that help is there if they need it.

Elderly Care – The Live in Option

The stress of moving to a residential care home can often exasperate their illness. They worry about losing independence, being lonely, being abandoned and research has shown that elderly people actually respond to treatment much better when they are in their home surroundings.

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